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Another five

  1. Today was a bit better, maybe because Daughter was very low and I can (almost) always drag myself up and out of the pit to try and ease her way. She's also having acupuncture now and we always have overlapping appointments so she can come and sit on the window ledge and chat while I'm lying there full of needles. Neither of us were up to much this morning but we made a date to go to the beach this afternoon, which is never a bad thing to do. It was virtually empty, even on the city beach near her flat; the sea was calm, the breeze was soft, the light gentle. Soothing. She swam, I didn't. Someone told me yesterday that the sea is at its coldest in late March, which is not that long ago. I thought I'd paddle but once I'd sat down I couldn't be arsed to get back up.

  2. The acupuncturist, upon being asked what she could feel in my pulses, said, 'Virtually nothing and what is there is very sluggish.' I asked what she would recommend. Being kind to yourself. Taking it easy. Jeez. I don't know what to do. I spoke to Bloke about the mess - the place is a proper tip at the moment with too much of my stuff piled up that I don't know what to do with. Sometimes I feel like hiring a skip and throwing everything into it. We agreed to have a go at tidying up, but I haven't done anything so far. The bag with my sewing stuff is huge - but I am making a coat, so it is what it is. There's no cupboard to put it in, or not one that I trust to not have mice in. I don't want to take it out of the bag at sewing group and find a family of mice have shredded big chunks of fabric to make a nest in the middle. There's also the big and heavy box of my dad's photo's; my current knitting project, which I haven't touched for a week. The documentation for my new car - Jesus, the bloke handed over an armload of stuff, service history and God knows what else and really I think I don't need it, throw it away, but do I need it? I need to look up how to stop the news breaking in when I'm listening to a CD. I don't listen to the news at the best of times, but what the fuck is this? There must be a way to stop it. Also, there's no - I don't know what it's called - when you press the key as you approach the car to open it - there's none of that - I have to put the key in the hole to unlock it, but then I have five seconds to start the engine before the alarm goes off which is shite - I usually have the dog to get in the car or bags of sewing and a sewing machine - so I'm just leaving it unlocked on the grounds that it's too old to be worth nicking, but is it? I could call the Ford garage I suppose. 

  3. I don't know why I'm numbering the paragraphs. I thought I'd write five things but I don't have five things to say. 

  4. Or maybe I do... I wish Andrew would mend the thing that tells you who has you on their buddy list on Diaryland. I know a few people who read this, but I have no real idea. Do pop in and say hi if you never have. I promise I won't harass you. 

  5. Yay, I made it. Five. It was writing group this afternoon and I just fucking love that. I think in the end the whole of my current draft of the combination of these two novels will be made up of bits that come from random prompts, written under pressure without pause for thought. We always have ten minutes for each prompt and I always write flat out, as if I was doing morning pages, and let the story tell itself. I keep being both surprised and pleased with what appears. 

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