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Oy. I am all done in now, after lots of trains and far more walking than I'd accounted for (8557 steps - the pedometer was at YD's all the time), and a really emotional programme about the first gay wedding in the UK, which took place on Saturday. As I'm not at home I don't have my bit of paper with the stuff to make a proper link, but here's an improper one

What I took from it, apart from the hope that young gay people will be able to grow up feeling good about being gay, was a sense of wonder at the changes that have been wrought in my lifetime. Until I was thirteen homosexual sex was a criminal offence in the UK and the majority of the population was at best indifferent. To have shifted from that to this in forty three years shows what can be done with bravery, determination and being on the side of justice. I'm quite stoned and not sure if I'm articulating what I want to say, so here's some photos instead:

YD posted a mother's day message to me on FB accompanied by these two pics, the first of me as a baby with my birth mother:

and this of me with her (YD) as a baby:

She said it was my mother looking at me with love and me looking at her (YD) with love. Made me cry, obviously.

Also yesterday, SIL phoned me from ED's and gave her the phone to wish me happy mother's day and she spoke at greater length and clarity than in the whole time I'd been with her! He'd said she was having an episode before I went up there, but I couldn't believe him. So thank god for that. More crying, again, obvs.

This was my pic of the day today, which I quite like. Facing east - most of them got up good and early for the sunrise, so I thought I'd go grey and urban.

Now the photo thing has gone all slow, so I'll give up on that.

Son must be home from his interview by now - man, I hope that's gone well. I mean, I don't really want him so far away (Italy) when I haven't got the money to visit him very often, if at all, but I do want him to have the opportunity to continue his academic career as he just loves that shit.

YD had some bad news this evening - she found out via facebook that the band she's booked for her wedding are on tour and on her wedding day are listed as playing a festival in Yorkshire, the fuckers. One of them is supposedly a friend, his brother is Son's mate and his mum is my mate, so he'll be getting it in the neck from at least two quarters. She was paying them the full price as well, no mates' rates. As I said, fuckers.

Today I am grateful for: you guys leaving comments that I really find sustaining and wonderful and stop me feeling alone with all this; YD cooking delicious, healthy wonderful food; my walking stick; my health (second lot of blood tests came back normal); not having to get up at any particular time tomorrow

Sweet dreams xxx

1:50 a.m. - 01.04.14


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