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Jan 16th

Things that made me happy today:

  1. Being very early for my therapy appointment so mooching about a bit and finding that the shop which sold my postcards now hosts 'The One Bum Cinema Club'. This is a little kiosk, where you draw back the curtain to reveal a single cinema seat, a little screen, some headphones and a button to press. I had a coffee with me so made myself comfortable and watched a few animated films made by local people with weird minds. I put a quid into the donations bucket and left feeling surprisingly upbeat.  24B0C051-1FBA-4770-BF87-EE6E9232CAF9

  2. Then into a wild charity shop which employs a lot of people with quite serious learning difficulties. They get too much stuff donated so are always having sales - they make fantastic displays in the windows and the shop - it's always a fab place to spend ten minutes before your therapy session - and today I got Jamiroquai's album The Return of the Space Cowboy on CD for 25 pence. I was so pleased, because I'm not into buying stuff just to buy it, but they're a great place, I need a few CDs in my car and that one's dead cool. I know he's an annoying little person with his hat and all, but you can't see him in the car   [youtube]

  3. In the art therapy the therapist listens really carefully and tries all sorts of different things. Today she picked up that I'd used the phrase 'I am...' a couple of times and invited me to say a few more things that I am, then to stand up and see if I could express them with my body in any way. She stood up as well, to mirror my actions. One of the things I said was 'I am resourceful.' She invited me to express that and I said, 'Right, hang on, I just want to get rid of this,' a balled up wad of tissue I was holding in my hand from where I'd been crying and had had to blow my nose. I had no pockets (I'm a woman, why would I need pockets, ffs?) so I shoved it down into my crop top., then said, 'OK, hands free, but I don't know how to express resourcefulness with my body...' She told me I'd just done exactly that by finding a place to put the tissue when I didn't have a pocket and that gave me a proper fit of the giggles, because really, girl? You ain't never kept nothing in your bra? I didn't want to say that because she's an earnest little soul, a trainee and she's good and kind and I like her a lot, but it made me feel great that we both had a laugh in the middle of our session. I always leave with a new angle to think about.

  4. I'm watching AJ and The Queen on netflix with Rupaul and one of those amazing kid actors. It makes me cry but it makes me smile too.

  5. To the seaglass beach for the first time in ages - a storm a while ago sucked all the shingle away from the path, leaving a steep drop and a clamber over slippery rocks, too much for me. But my niece told me there'd been a big pile of small bricks chucked down, which makes it accessible. I still felt anxious, especially as there was literally no one else there, so I was very careful. The tide was quite high and  coming in fast and furious so I didn't stay long. I took a pic for today's 64millionartists task - to make a frame from whatever's to hand and take a photo of the weather - using seaweed for a frame: 73F93158-14AC-4B8B-BE5E-31D4AD30856A It looks lovely in the photo but it was fucking cold. I found a nice bit of blue-ish glass and a couple of tiny green slivers. I am incapable of leaving seaglass - it's treasure, isn't it? And I have no idea how to express that 'I am' statement with my body.

Night night xxx

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