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Much Ado About Nothing

The last couple of days have been quite stressy, though I'm still standing, still planning to do things tomorrow.

We had polytunnel wars yesterday. It was a sunny, windless day, ideal for getting the cover up and the job finished.


Bloke has already committed to taking the mad-dad to a family thing and Bloke's mate (the expert) has to work despite it being Sunday, as he'd had to miss so many days due to rain. So, ideal but not gonna happen. We plan to go up there and do clearing work.

Then one of the 'sleeping' trustees (J) phones Sdig and says she wants her BF and his son to be paid to finish it, today. That wasn't ever going to happen, but TinyM came out all guns blazing, defending the right of Bloke and Mate to work unpaid, on their day off - honestly you'd have thought it was the last touches on the Sistine Chapel rather than wrestling a big piece of polythene over a frame, but there you go.

We three went on up to the allotment and TrusteeJ arrived soon after, determined that we could finish it between us. TinyM ignored her, so rudely and blatantly that Sdig became very embarrassed (they are married), and I started into panic mode - heart thumping, brain reeling, no good to anyone mode. I love TinyM as if she were my own, but she can be a fucking nightmare. She was livid at this woman, for coming over and sticking her nose in, and I feel pissed off that I couldn't just ignore it, that being around angry people, even those who are barely five foot tall is not something I can do without hysteria rapidly ensuing.

I could have gone home, but it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to be outside, so I took the shears, a big bottle of water, a chair and my baccy tin up to the top-most corner, out of earshot, and tried to get on with hacking down all the nettles and brambles. Very therapeutic.

Or would have been if TJ's BF and son hadn't arrived, sullen and cack-handed and just as rude as TinyM, causing her to run up and down the hill reporting their crimes to me. Viz they ate my cake, weren't at all helpful and fucked off to Lidl after half an hour.

Still, they went from this:

to this:

before it got too dark to see. When the others had gone and it was just me, Sdig and TinyM, sitting round the firepit:

she says, "Ah, this is my happy place, just being up here with you two," and S and I nearly spat our coffee out with astonished indignation. But there you go. We are all mentalists, we three, and we do what we can, which is sometimes Very Annoying to those around us.

We just need one more afternoon to finish it, but it doesn't matter so much if it's windy now as the cover is on and properly attached on one side. There's a bit of digging required and some fancy folding round by the doors and then it should be all done. Should be, might be, will be eventually.

Today was about dentists (yes, plural), and doing a dope deal like a fucking teenager, and listening to more than I ever want to know about R0my Schneider, poor woman, may she rest in peace.

But I have cooked meals from scratch for four consecutive days, which I'm sure gives me a greater steadiness of spirit. And I am not down-hearted, just a bit frazzled. I haven't wept since Thursday morning.

Grateful for: living in a place that is not a war-zone; a bit of steady; a good book; the allotment; friends

Sweet dreams xx

12:05 a.m. - 20.11.12


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