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I'm late again and I need to make sure I get enough sleep so quick write write write, then bed.

I seem to be drifting towards organising a silent disco. I wan to dance, is all, so I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew where an old woman could dance in the winter without being viewed as 'the oldest swinger in town' which I got badly enough in my forties to not want to put up with it now. And to me they're all children, the people in these clubs, I don't want to be at a school disco, I just want to shake all the shit out of my body preferably to loud music. Well, I didn't get any suggestions apart from one woman saying she had a dance studio in her garden which I would be welcome to use with five or six friends, if I wanted. Well, thanks, but that's not quite it, is it? Someone else said that her pal ran a silent disco and that they were great and not very expensive. So I posted this when I got in tonight:
So if, for example, I organised a silent disco - you know, headphones etc - on Hove Lawns, would you come? Anyone I am friends with on here would be welcome - I wouldn't be friends with you if I didn't even want to dance with you - but would you come? On, for example, a Sunday afternoon? Please let me know, I just want to see if it would be worth doing!
and bloody hell, fifteen people have said yes, count me in, already. So it looks like I'll have a go. I've seen them and they look great - everyone wearing bluetooth headphones, hearing and dancing to the same music - we can do it outside where we won't be huffing and puffing germy breath over each other, on the lawns by the beach in the beautiful fresh sea air- there's a kilometre stretch of lawns, plenty of room, though I think you have to book it with the council.

So that's been me today, apart from therapy, where we are currently drawing up a timeline of my life. Well, fucking hell. I've lived in seven decades so far and I'm giving each decade a side of A4. I jotted down the main events first, you know, births, marriages, deaths, education, jobs, house moves (I've lived in 26 different houses or flats), then started putting in the other stuff which is when it started getting heavy. Trauma? I'll give you fucking trauma. How much do you want? We've been doing this for a few weeks now and as I jot down one set of awful shite, it's as if something else floats up out of the recesses of my memory, awful awful stuff. I am frankly amazed to still be here. I always feel as if I'm a bit of an old moaner, which I am, but I'm also a fucking survivor. Still, we're digging it all up and we're going to look it firmly in the eye and lay it to rest. That's the plan. It sounds like a good plan doesn't it?

Today I am grateful for receiving notes and comments from people who are glad I'm writing again, which has made me happy and determined to continue, I missed it but didn't know how to get back to it until suddenly I did. I'm still double posting at Diaryland and Wordpress - no, I don't know why either - well, I have friends at both though I no longer know how to post photos in either.

Keep safe my friends, wear those masks indoors, get those jabs, be safe.

11:54 p.m. - 24.11.21


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