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Good day sunshine

Today was just great - I did have interludes of panic, but none of my fears materialised, so all good.

I woke late, just time to make a coffee, put my teeth in and find a pen before going to zoom writing group. I've been struggling a lot with this group recently, partly the people, partly the tasks, but I enjoyed today. I can't remember what the prompt was, some random sentence to continue however we liked. I found myself writing three sides of a good bit of backstory for my characters from the novel, including a nasty fight scene. When I finished reading it two people said 'Wow!' which is always pleasing. I haven't managed to sit down and write for days on end but now that's two bits that just flowed from really random prompts in this group. Maybe that's going to turn out to be how I work best.

Son is here, having been on a retreat this week - it sounded fab - he's staying the night as it's his birthday tomorrow and we'll all have a big lunch somewhere. This evening we watched the first part of Get Back - the new film about The Beatles - along with Daughter, we're all hardcore Beatles fans - and this was just bliss. Oh man, I loved it. Very slow, watching them rehearsing for what will turn out to be their last concert, on the roof of Apple, in January 1969. At this point just days before the gig, Paul is still working on a song, strumming a guitar and humming fragments of lyrics out of which you suddenly hear 'get back', just those words in that recognisable tune, he's not sure where he's going with it but keeps going back to it over a few days and it's creeping towards what we know will be the final version. So rare and good to be seeing it unfold, the creative process in action. Watching him and Lennon together is bittersweet - if this is them not getting on - man they still light each other up when they bounce a song around between them.

Great to watch it with Son too. Great to have him asleep upstairs. Before that today I'd been to an artist's open house in Brighton with my pal SB and we both bought prints - this will make me learn how to post photos - her work is just glorious, joyous. There was no one else there when we arrived so she showed us round, including into her studio, and explained and chatted and gave me a card for Son's birthday and it was all exhilarating and creative and inspiring.

Then SB had to go so I took little dog out round the marina in the fierce wind. I'd hoped to get out onto the eastern arm but it's been a high spring tide with this strong wind, so there was a gate across preventing access as the waves can come right up and potentially sweep a person off. The tide wasn't that high when I was there and I would have been safe but no. Still nice - gorgeous light as the sun went down. That's one of the things I like about winter - the short days aren't great but usually being outside at sundown gives a little lift to the end of the day.

Today I am grateful for: Son, wanting to come here and spend his birthday with me; the artist, being so open and friendly; SB for having been my pal since 1975; Peter Jackson for editing all that footage into a great Beatles film and still two more parts to go.

Night night, keep safe xxx

12:32 a.m. - 27.11.21


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