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Get Back

I am emerging from 1969 to write to you. Oh, the Beatles - what a fantastic, unexpected gift Get Back, the documentary is. I wouldn't have watched it if Son hadn't persuaded me but after watching Pt1 with him I couldn't wait for the rest - I almost broke my rule of no tv before 6pm, but managed not to.

Things I liked:
1. watching the creative process so close up, seeing classic, timeless songs emerge from what seems on the surface to be chaotic, undisciplined fucking around. Especially Get Back. Seeing them fumbling for the next lines on songs we've known for decades now.
2. They seem timeless, the actual Beatles, in this film. Everyone else does seem to be living in the past - it's over 50 years ago! - with old fashioned clothes, hair, accents, attitudes, but John, Paul, George and Ringo could have slipped back from today.
3. There's a part where Linda's daughter Heather, aged about 6 from the look of her, comes and plays in the studio - you can see Paul is already a great stepdad - relating and playing with her in a way that made me weep for my kids and the totally distant, uninvolved stepdad-in-name-only they ended up with. Heather played all the instruments, including the drums - she played alongside Ringo for a whole song, and did a great screeching Yoko-esque vocal at one point which was accepted without comment - really letting her explore musicality, lovely.
4. John and Paul breaking into Two of Us (wearing raincoats, going nowhere, on our way home - that one) again and again, looking at each other with such love.
5. I feel so glad they had that last live gig on the rooftop that they visibly enjoyed so much before they split up.
6. Seeing Yoko and Linda chatting, laughing, communicating deeply (by their facial expressions) not being the villains they've been made out to be. No one seemed to mind Yoko being there
7. Liking Paul again, feeling for him having lost John before they were able to rebuild their relationship.
8. Loving how beautiful they were - well, not Ringo, soz, but the other three. John looks so like my friend Tony S, so like. He died young too. That beard suits Paul so well and George was always my favourite, always gorgeous.
9. I just loved it being so long, so immersive. I wasn't 100% focused on it all the time, but that was fine too.
10. It felt important, significant. Maybe it isn't. But it felt like a gift. Thank you.

Also today:
Woke up for a wee at 8, very cold so thought I'd go back to bed for a bit. Woke again, glanced at clock: 10.55. FUCK! I had a meeting at 9.15 and acupuncture in a clinic ten miles away at 10.30. Grab my phone, call acupuncture clinic, start gabbling all this, very fast and apologetically to Jess, the receptionist who works from home. "Anna?" she says.
"Yes, sorry--"
"You do know it's Sunday, don't you?"
Oh, how we laughed as obviously, no, I hadn't known it was Sunday.
And breathe....

I've also been for a walk in a National Trust garden, beautifully planted 150 odd years ago with trees that are reflected in lakes, so beautifully. walked around there for two hours, bliss.

Yesterday was Son's birthday and we had a great meal out and now it's time for bed as it really will be Monday when I next wake up.

Thank you for reading and leaving notes. So good to reconnect with you, my lovely bloggy pals. Take care - keep those masks on. xxx

11:54 p.m. - 28.11.21


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