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Sunshiney day

Oh man, I can remember that several times during the day today I've thought, oh good, I can write about this, but where the fuck has it all gone? Here I am, as empty-headed as if I'd spent the whole day asleep.

At the moment I'm watching a catch up of Portrait Artist of the Week, which is a four hour programme with someone sitting, an artist painting them and the sitter being on screen the whole time with the invitation for the viewer to join in. I'm not going to this time as it's almost over, but it's amazing. The sitter is Nicola Coughlan, of Derry Girls and Bridgerton fame, and she's currently being interviewed by Joan Bakewell, about protests she's been involved with - quality television for once. It's on every Sunday on Sky TV and on Facebook - ooh, turns out they're on Facebook here so you can do it anytime. I don't know if I can face doing it in the front room - I am very messy, but I don't have access to TV upstairs... dunno, will have to think.

Bloke has been in bed all day, quite poorly after his vaccine. Well, he did get up and dressed but he looked so fucking awful I got quite arsey with him and made him go back to bed - Jeez, feeling that bad is your body telling you it needs to lie down and over-ruling it isn't heroic, unless you have some major task to complete, it's just stupid. He liked me telling him that, as I'm sure you can imagine, but he ended up sleeping all day, so good.

It turns out to be exactly a year since I went to Devon on that residential writing course, and did a beach-cleaning pilgrimage (as it were), to Crooklets beach, near Bude, where the whole 2minute beach clean started. Inspired by that I did a clean today, but found hardly anything - I mean, not nothing but nowhere near a bagful over almost a mile of the high tide line. I finally met a woman coming the other way, also litter-picking, who told me that the high spring tides last week, which coincided with big storms, had left tons of shite on the beach but that loads of people are now picking it up, which is a bit brilliant, I think. Most of what I picked was fishing litter - bits of rope and line and only a little ordinary stuff - a used tampon, washed clean, a heinz ketchup container, some bottle tops, that kind of stuff.

As I'd recently come across evidence that a lot of people are spending almost all of this lockdown time watching telly and eating, I felt very proud of all the art and yoga and walking I've done, let alone losing all this weight, so when I walked past a coffee van I got myself a cortado and a gingerbread person, then a bit further along there was a donut van so I had one of those as well, fresh out of the fryer and SO DELICIOUS. I took the option that came with a little tub of chocolate sauce to dip it into, oh man. The bloke selling them was a substantial size, as was everyone else in the queue, so I'll try to avoid eating more than one every few weeks. I feel as if I've put down a massive load I've been carrying and that's because I have. Twelve kilos is twelve bags of sugar - can you imagine carrying that around with you everywhere you go? No wonder I was knackered. I've just looked at the BMI thing and it reckons I need to lose another 12 kilos to be just inside the healthy weight for my height. Another two stone. Sigh. I'll probably keep going with this intermittent fasting and weighing myself every morning as it's not that bad and the weight creeps steadily down.

Three good things
1. It was really warm today - which isn't really good for mid-February, but it was so nice to not have to wear a big coat, hat, scarf - all that malarkey. Your body feels so much freer with fewer clothes on, doesn't it?
2. I wore my black watch tartan fleece dress that I made in sewing group at the recovery centre, with matching dark green woolly tights and some random old bloke called out to me, "I love your dress!" with a big, open smile, which was really cool. Nothing attached, no expectations that a compliment would lead to anything more, just a grin, then he turned back to continue his conversation with the other old bloke on the bench. That's the way to do it.
3. My niece is pregnant! Woo hoo! I will admit I did cry a little bit in sorrow when I got the text, for my darling Daughter who would love a baby but hasn't got a partner, knowing she would be sad as well as happy too, and in fact we did have a little cry together in a later phone call, but we're both happy for Niece who is a darling. It's always exciting when a new person joins the family. We are truly blessed in these hard times, as one of my nephew's girlfriend is expecting a baby in April, god willing and all that.

Night night. Thank you for reading - I hope you are safe and well and getting the vaccine if you haven't had it already xxx

10:57 p.m. - 21.02.21


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