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Three things I've forgotten this week:

My purse, which I left on the counter of a busy shop after buying ED a small pillow to cushion her feet in that ropy old wheeelchair. I went off to acupuncture, had the session, went to pay and nada - no purse, no cash, no cards, no driving license - wah! I retraced my steps and fuck me, there it was in the shop, two hours later, everything still in place. 
A bag of vegetables. The next day I took ED to the MS Centre for her physio then we went for a mooch around the town she was born and grew up in. Bloke called and asked me to get some veg for dinner, so I did and used ED's card to buy her a lovely amaryllis bloom. I hung the bag containing it all on the back of the wheelchair but to get her back in the van I took it off  and put it on the pavement. We'd inched along the coast road in the rush hour and were halfway back when I realised I'd left it on the fucking pavement. As we were approaching a roundabout at the time, I went all the way round and back to where we'd parked and there was the bag still sat where I'd left it. The amaryllis was knackered after half an hour in the full force of the wind, but I shoved it in some water when we got to the care home and hope for the best.
A bag of dried dog food. The dog is being a total pain about food but reliably eats raw chicken and small dog biscuits, which I scatter about the place so she has to sniff it out. She can't live on just chicken so as we'd run out of biscuits, I went off to the giant pet shop, late, just now. I took her with me and when we got back to the car I put the bag of food on the roof while I got her in - she's awkward about that as well, bloody dog. I heard a strange sound as I backed out of the space and thought I must've hit a trolley. Another car hooted at me but I thought, ah fuck off, and ignored it. Till I was halfway home and remembered the bag of food, which wasn't in the car. Jeez. that noise must have been it falling off the roof. I had to keep going for a while before there was space to turn round, back to the car park, no sign of it. Fuck, someone's had it. Back to the pet shop, no, no one had handed it in, so I get another bag. Where's my purse? Fuck - was that on the roof too? Noooo. Back to the car, without the dog food, whew, there's the purse on the passenger seat, back to the fucking pet shop, pay, smile at the guy, whose reaction reminds me I took my teeth out when I got home and haven't put them back in. Back to car, drive home. As we get to the big junction with traffic lights and three lanes in every direction, I spot the bag of dog food, split now, spilling onto the road, on the border between lanes two and three, so not accessible to me in any way. BIG FUCKING SIGH.
So I would say I am tired and my brain is over full of complicated shite. 

Another annoying thing was having an appointment with the MS nurse, at the care home, and the bloody woman turned up three hours early, with no notice, so I didn't see her as I was fifteen miles away, running a writing group with my phone turned off. 

Other stuff has been good - writing groups, dunno what else, but stuff. ED's breathing is better.

'All I want for Christmas is you' is killing me this year.

Laters. xx

12:19 a.m. - 13.12.18


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