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Six on Sunday

  1. ED's ex-partner replied to my email with a load of barefaced lies - ridiculous, insulting untruths - so there is no longer any room for doubt that he has stolen tens of thousands of pounds of her benefits over the last few years. Having had my suspicions of him for so long, I can't really explain why I was so devastated at the final proof, but I was. So it's been a tough few days. We are going to decide as a family what steps to take now. Son has a law degree and shares a house with a solicitor, so they're looking over it all, checking things out. Ex-SIL has done us a favour by writing down lies, that's for sure. I am reluctant to go to the police, mainly because I'm so tired and just want a bit of fucking peace, but that's just unlucky, I guess.

  2. The puppy and the cat are still at odds. Shirley wants to play with Bob and does that thing of half laying down in front of her, wagging her tail, barking invitingly, which just makes Bob growl and spit and lash out. She (Bob) has also become very, very clingy, which I cannot bear. Shirley is asleep in her crate but Bob is up on the back of my chair, getting on my nerves. They do have times that are peaceful, so it could be worse, but still.

  3. Shirley is doing pretty well. She stays near me when I let her off the lead on the downs or on the beach, but I have to put her back on as soon as another dog comes in sight as she's off like a shot to play and won't come back when called. She settles onto her fleecy rug when required, like in the bank, or at M's house. She hasn't pissed or shat indoors for well over a week and then it was only after being left for a few hours, and on the newspaper put down for the purpose. Good puppy. I'm still going to take her to another load of training though - those puppy classes were too late in the day for me and after my sewing class too - I can't remember how to teach her the two key things she doesn't yet do, which are to always come when called and to walk on the lead without pulling or stopping all the time. She is a lot better than other dogs I have known, but these two things are achievable and make life less hassle, so I'm going to go for them. In a bit.

  4. Good things about having a dog: I go for far more walks - two good ones a day plus round the rec - my mileage for the year is now 935 so I will definitely hit the thousand I've been aiming for. (I was going to make bullet points now but I can't work out how) She makes both me and Bloke laugh and smile a lot more than we used to - like when she's walking purposefully about the place with something in her mouth, head held high, tail wagging, or chasing herself round the garden at full speed, round and round in circles. I like the way all kinds of people's faces soften when they see a cute puppy, including hard-faced, battle-axe, Thatcher-clone type women and all sorts of horrible looking men - the rough sleepers on the prom, pissed and brutalised and scary, suddenly light up at the sight of little Shirley...

  5. My dear friend M texted to me while I was on the bus on my way to yoga that she'd been diagnosed as being in full metabolic remission from her lymphoma, which made me cry and cry and cry. Then I got to the Buddhist Centre and only three of us turned up for the class - the teacher said it made him feel like the others had all gone to a party which we hadn't been invited to, but he then gave us a lovely personal class and all was good.

  6. I have some good photos but the lead to connect my phone to the laptop is somewhere else, so next time. Sleep tight dear friends.

12:27 a.m. - 23.10.17


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