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1. If the conservatives get back in at the election, we're fucked. I mean, us, my family, with the disabilities and the housing. Well, we'll be able to house YD and her husband, in the new place, if we have to, but fuck knows what will happen to ED. When you think about what they've done whilst in a coalition, I hate to imagine how far they'd go if they actually had a mandate. Who would ever have thought five years ago that in a time of mass unemployment disabled people would have benefits denied? It's how far they're prepared to go that scares me - ach, it's no good worrying about it. I repost as much info as I can and talk about it but I don't have any more in me and I can't get behind any of them with much genuine enthusiasm.

2. We have a plan for next week. On Tuesday YD will go and collect Grandson and take him to hers. After I've had an appt with my CPN I'll fetch them, so SIL can keep the car while they're down with me, till Friday. We might do an Ikea visit as it's near YD's and we'll be needing some king-size bedding for this king-sized bed and it's by far the cheapest place to get anything halfway decent. Apart from that we plan to get some culture down GS's neck, though nothing specific as yet. On Friday we'll stay in the b&b up there so we have the energy to take ED out on Saturday.

3. I almost finished knitting one of those dolls I posted a picture of the other day. I've spent most of today and this evening doing it and it's no good. Bloody bloody. I used thicker wool and bigger needles than the pattern suggested because it said the finished doll would be six inches long, which is tiny, so it's twice as big but I don't think it works. Too much big squidgy head. I might take it to the woman in the knitting shop on the lower prom and see what she thinks - she doesn't seem to mind me asking her questions, she's quite chatty herself and I do always buy wool. Fuck though, I'm well pissed off. I was getting a good sense of achievement and I've had that now. Boo.

4. Pics of down the road.

Last night:

I thought I'd better have one in the dark. That's unchanged, but I tweaked it into this, which is quite pleasing:

I'm not going to use that though - the whole point is to see what the light does on its own. This morning:

and this afternoon:

I have to say I'm enjoying this a lot, though I'm too wibbly-wobbly at the moment to be able to sort out the rate of zoom, to get that consistent. Without zoom it's this:

though it doesn't seem as if the sea is that far off - from here I can get a good sense of the texture, the waves or lack of them etc.

5. Jesus, the clock on the computer just jumped forward an hour to 2am. Yay, light evenings, but boo, short night. Son is down, off at a party, but sleeping here tonight. What bliss it is that he's now such a clean young man and will return as straight and sober as when he left. He is however, a clumsy young man, so I'll set the camp-bed up for him now or he'll be waking the whole street.

I am pissed off about the doll. It's taken all the oomph out of me again. Ah well.

I am grateful for: family; friends; readers (cooeee, *waving*, do say hello if you made it down here); curry delivered to the door; laughing out loud at something on the telly whilst alone, even if I can't remember now what it was

Sleep tight xxx

2:24 a.m. - 29.03.15


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