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This is what I posted to facebook, and I copy here for those who donated and aren't on there:

"I can't get onto the right bit of the fundraiser page to update so I'm putting it here and hope you can share the news with those strange people who don't do facebook. I transferred 7,000 out of the account and spent 6,500 on the WAV (they gave us 500 off when they heard we'd fund-raised) and 500 on insurance, fully comp, any driver over the age of 25, which means friends and relatives can take ED out. There is still a good bit of cash left, so some of it can be left there for next year's insurance. Sadly ED is no longer able to manage being at home alone during the week and this Wednesday she will be moving to a residential care home. The excellent news is that thanks to YOU and this vehicle, she will be able to go home at weekends and out and about on jaunts. I will take her to the home on Wednesday and stay there with her for the first three days, then back to hers for the weekend. I intend to spend some of the money raised on bits and pieces to make her room nice - I already bought a shocking pink bedspread. We will take the postcards she received to put on the wall - if anyone would like to send her a beautiful card pm me for her new address. It's important that the staff know how much she is loved and that we haven't abandoned her. This has been, and continues to be, a shockingly hard time for our whole family, but the support we have been blessed with from so many has made it bearable and will continue to give ED, SIL and GS some kind of family life. Eternal gratitude from all of us to all of you. xxxxxxxxx"

Before I leave on Sunday morning I need to do some washing, or get it done and buy some batteries for my airbed inflator. I would like to:

  • download some of ED's favourite music to my mp3 player to listen to in the car - can't be sure what she likes, don't know what I've got, PC and hard-drive not working

  • find some pictures of her from throughout her life, copy them to - dunno, something - and take them to Boots and print them. Trouble is, everything is broken, but Bloke might be able to mend it and if not I just have to chill

  • buy presents for her carers - they are at the real fucking sharp end of this austerity shite - they work seven days a week for minimum wage, starting at 7am, on till 10pm, travelling time between clients unpaid, doing very personal things with very sad people. And they are so kind and respectful and funny with my girl - the highlight of her day. It's taken a lot of brain squeezing to decide to buy them a fleecy blanket each to take them warmly into the cold winter nights and as they've some really soft ones for a tenner in BHS I'm also going for some expensive, delicious hand cream - they wash their hands a zillion times a day.

  • Phew - it felt as if I had masses to do, but if I can get the PC sorted out it should be OK

    Laters xxx

    9:21 p.m. - 01.11.13


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