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Jab 2

I had the second vaccine today - OK so far but want an early night so this will be short and sweet, I hope. I'm making a big effort to keep my mind from wandering around the world with all this, covid, vaccines, deaths, ventilators etc. There's nothing I can do for anyone else so I just have to keep myself steady and not freak out as that helps no one anywhere. It is shit though - shameful, godawful shit. You'd hope there'll be some kind of reckoning but there probably won't be. Son is now working - well, I'm not meant to say anything, but his work makes things better for people in South Asia. Not enough people, not better enough, but something.

So. Yesterday was Daughter's birthday and we had a bit of a do in the garden, in shifts, which I got into a big anxiety state about beforehand but it was grand. Me, Bloke, Daughter, Grandson and his girlfriend were the core, all lateral flow tested negative so we had a meal together at the table indoors - first one for over a year, very emotional. Daughter requested meatballs and chip shop chips so this is what we had. The GF is now vegan so I managed to get some vegan sausages, made them into balls and cooked them in their own sauce. She was absolutely made over with this - I don't know what she expected - that we'd eat and she could watch? Or just have chips? I also made some cup cakes, the kind of cup cakes dear Mary Berry would describe as informal. I.e. fucking messy. As well as us, Daughter's friends from the group that were at school together came round with their children, one family at a time, which was great. She's Number One Auntie to them all, really, not having any of her own and being very creative and child-friendly. They all adore her and it was lovely to be a part of that. Pond-dipping was a main attraction and playing with the dog who was so good. Towards the end we lit a fire in the pit and generally congratulated ourselves on a good day, well spent. The lack of booze has become unnoticeable - everyone just chats and laughs and seems very relaxed without it - a result you wouldn't imagine possible from the way some go on about it.

Three Good Things
1. I found the massive woodland of native bluebells today, which have the most heavenly perfume and colour, spread under the brand new fresh green leaves of the trees, beneath a bright blue sky. Fucking A.
2. I painted a picture of some lemons this morning, a copy, but I really liked the result
3. I did my nephew's baby's astrological chart again with a more accurate time of birth. Previously it had come out with Aquarius on the ascendant, same as me and GS and my old pal Big Dave (he was 6'8") - the only ones I found when I was into astrology and doing loads of charts - I did a few hundred altogether. Aquarius rising is said to signify the early loss of a parent, which was certainly the case for me, GS and Dave. GS's mother may have lived till he was 20 but he lost her as a mother a good eight years before that. So when Baby's accurate chart gave Pisces rising I was very relieved. Very.

Good Night.

10:58 p.m. - 04.05.21


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