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Day 230

In Friday writing group we were shown a picture of Diana, the hunter, with two wolves and a stag. I couldn't find anything for me in it, so I took it to Bella:

There was a knock on the door, a soft, timid little knock. Bella squinted through the spyhole. She'd never had anyone come to her door at night and now she realised that faces were thrown into shadow by the light up above. But she could see this was Naomi, shuffling on her feet, holding a big tube, or was it a stick - a stick to beat Bella with for killing and replacing her fish.
Bella reckoned she could take Naomi, stick or no stick so she let her in, half excited at the thought of a brawl.
"Hiya!" Naomi beamed at her. No brawl then. The word fisticuffs leapt into her mind, from the film Oliver! But no fisticuffs, not tonight. Naomi was talking, had been talking while Bella fantasised about getting her in a headlock and wresting the tube from her hand. Naomi was extracting something from the tube now - a poster of a woman with two white dogs, with a big bow and arrow, purposeful, intent. Bella reckoned she could take her as well. though not the dogs.
"Diana, the hunter! I don't know why it made me think of you but it did and I wanted to show my thanks for you looking after the fish."
Bella gulped at the thought of the two dead fish buried by her back door.
"I know something happened, that two of them are new. You didn't have to do that - it was so kind of you..."

It was good to have a day with no decorating, no Richard being busy, getting on with stuff. Bloke went out on a job and I pottered a bit, did writing group then off to the osteopath and on to Daughter's to do a food shop for her and Grandson as they're quarantining. That took ages - I went to the supermarket nearest them but as I don't know it it took forever to pick up a few things, round and round this massive Tescos, full of people doing their big weekly shop. Meh. I didn't like not being able to go in to Daughter's either, just ringing the buzzer and leaving the bags on the doorstep, stepping right back when she came out. Both wearing our masks, both nearly crying at the awfulness of it all. But they're both OK, her and Grandson.

I had the dog in the car so I took her to the seafront and walked along the prom in the misty drizzle which I enjoyed - I don't mind a bit of rain at all, but drizzle is a fucker for sneaking in through any opening and getting you soaking wet, right through to the skin. It was great to be out in the air, striding along by the crashing waves - I didn't feel cold till I was back in the car when I got the shivers, as did Shirley. So when I got home I had a cold shower. Well, not straight off cold, a hot one first to warm me through and wash the salt off, then I stepped away, turned it to cold and stepped back into it. Not for long, but it did feel invigorating. I'm going to give it a go for a bit - I can't get myself in the sea - don't live near enough to any of the others doing it and it's dangerous doing it alone, but I'm going to try to have a cold shower every day and see what happens. It gets a good press. I used to stand under a cold shower after going in the steam room when I belonged to that fancy gym.

Three good things today:
1. Seeing Daughter and seeing how well she looks
2. Several broken phone calls to and from Son during the day before we finally made it to a long chat this evening. Laughing with him. Him telling me stuff. So glad of that. I never chatted like that with my parents and I'm glad it happens with my kids.
3. That walk in the wind and the rain. Love it. I feel so relieved that I know I love this - something free that I will be allowed as a dog owner, even if we go back to full on lockdown, that makes me feel better, every time.

On we go, my darlings, on we go. One day at a time. We can do this.

10:38 p.m. - 30.10.20


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