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Day 233

J is very poorly with the Covid, Daughter is poorly, hasn't had the results of her test back, Grandson is miserable in isolation, everyone in the US is holding their breath, scared of what will unfold, and generally it's all too hard. So I'm going list form:
1. I did the cold shower, meditation, intermittent fasting start to the day again, though I realised when I got out of the shower that I'd left my glasses on, so I wasn't getting used to it, I was getting less of it - the face is very responsive to stone cold water.
2. Qi gung on zoom from the recovery centre, very soothing. Lots of stuff about the kidneys, for reasons I didn't quite catch.
3. Richard is cracking on in the kitchen, changing the work surface and the sink. So we currently have no water in the kitchen, whereas tomorrow we will have no hob. I bought ready meals from M&S that were OK.
4. I took Shirley up on the hills to check on the dew pond, which reflects the current state of the water table and it's looking almost full. Very beautiful, with the sky reflected and the plants and all that. I still don't know how to update in Wordpress any more, other than in one big cut and paste from Diaryland so I don't know how to add photos. I still take hundreds every day - I need to retrain myself to be happy just looking at things, seeing them, without having to take a fucking photo. Just because I can doesn't mean I should.
5. Then did the Van Gogh workshop, Wheatfields with Crows (the tutor pronounced crows to rhyme with cows not with rose, which made me feel sad that she's in London and has never discussed this painting with a native English speaker, as she clearly loves it - her English is almost perfect). I was too tired to do it properly, too slapdash, didn't even make the paper the right shape - well I did but forgot and painted over it. And it got dark so I just finished it quickly without even waiting for the instructions.
6. And then I felt I had to make more rosehip syrup, when the kitchen was all upside down and I was tired - too tired to make good judgements, like don't make extra work when it's already difficult.
7. Which makes me think shut up and go to bed, now. So I will.

Three good things:
1. Dark chocolate being recommended on the weight loss method I am following. Just two squares a day, can't remember why, but two is enough and it's delicious..
2. The kitchen is going to be fabulous - the cupboard doors alone are brilliant - smooth and white - bottom of the range but goodbye to those stupid fancy doors with all the moulding that every spillage gathered in - it's a whole new world.
3. I threw things away - well, into the recycling, not away away. This is massive. I haven't been able to throw things out for almost ten years, which does coincide with Sammie's big decline and loss of herself. I hadn't realised the connection until I watched programmes about hoarders who had all been Ok until some big loss, and then spotted that I'd been unable to even think about going through piles of papers that hadn't been touched for years. I moved everything from house to flat to another house, without getting rid of anything at all. The stuff I chucked out today hadn't been moved since January 2019 as I could tell from newspapers and bank statements nestled into it. So well done me. It was all shite. I'll have a go at my clothes next.

Good luck everyone. We can do this xxx

11:19 p.m. - 02.11.20


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