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The one with the bogie and the jump leads

1. Had ultrasound of my kidneys yesterday, radiologist (dunno if she was that or radiographer) said they looked normal to her, but guess I have to wait for doc's response. Looked like a big mess of black and white random splodges on the screen to me.

2. Went to see ED today. She was very snuffly, with a blocked nose, but refusing (silently) to breathe through her mouth, which she kept firmly shut. Then she suddenly sneezed and the biggest bogie I've seen in my life flew out of her nose, causing both me and YD to leap back, yelling, "Woah!" I thought it was a snail. She was OK after that, though still kept her mouth shut. I bought some Vick's and rubbed it on her chest.

3.Battery on the van was dead. Me and YD tried to bump start it, but neither of us knew what to do in the driver's seat as we'd both only ever done the pushing bit. Receptionist at the care home said, "Oh, Jason will sort that out for you," and she called him and he came, with jump leads and a car and off we went. Never found out who he was, though he lent us the jump leads in case it wouldn't start again.

3. Shopping for bras for ED was less painful than anticipated as the bra-fitter made it so. When she and YD went off to choose a few from the shop floor, she confided to YD that she has a disabled son - she was respectful and unafraid and just nice. Good. Here we are all buoyed up with our success, me and my daughters:

4. We mooched about Uxbridge for a bit, had lunch in Wagammama and got back to the van to find that yes, the battery was dead again. We were parked on the main drag, with lots of traffic, mainly buses, and although we had jump leads, we didn't have a live battery to jump from. A car pulled up behind us, an elderly woman got out but the car remained. I rushed to the driver's window and asked the old man if he could help us. He looked terrified, as if I was going to mug him, so I walked away. The woman asked me what was up, I told her and she said of course her husband could help and went to speak to him. When I went to his window again, he wound it down and, almost crying, sobbed, "I've only got one leg! And Parkinsons!" Aw man. I told him not to worry, we'd find someone, but no one stopped and for ages we dithered about with the van bonnet up, hoping for help, me muttering my mantra for removing obstacles in one's path (Om gum ganapatayei namaha), ED zoned out in her wheelchair, YD desperately trying to think of a solution and eventually the people came back to the car parked in front of us and they did it, but fucking hell. In fact Fuck Ing Hell.

5. It was hard to leave her at the home.

6. Then it was the M25, crawling along in second gear for miles and miles, hours and hours. Or so it seemed.

I am grateful for: the staff at the care home, so loving to my girl; everyone who helped us buy the van; having nothing I have to do tomorrow; a beautiful handmade card and bracelet from my pal on the MS page; drugs

Sleep tight.

12:39 a.m. - 15.12.15


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