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Ten things

I've slept most of today but still I'm tired, so ten quick things, as I'm up early to go and see my girl tomorrow.

1. Fuck Harry Potter's son, and double fuck what house he'll be in. Why is this all over everything? YAWN.

2. I made gluten- and lactose-free chocolate brownies, all of a sudden, still dressed in my nightie. They were OK.

3. Daughter's friend whose OCD had returned is now back to her rational self, thank fuck. Rational for her, of course. She is a proper darling girl and I'm glad not to be scared for her.

4. I'm sick of smoking. It's getting colder at nights and I don't want to spend the winter feeding a poxy addiction, shivering in the outside toilet with the spiders.

5. I'm sick with anxiety over Jeremy Corbyn getting elected. If he doesn't, what the fuck will happen to YD and H and, I hardly dare frame the thought, ED? And all the others who can't work, even if there were employers prepared to take them on, which there aren't. I don't even have much idea what I think Corbyn can achieve, apart from hope.

6. I sat on a bench in a city park for about twenty minutes yesterday as I was early for yoga and during that time three separate homeless people approached me asking for money.

7. Yoga was really hard, right up to and including shavasana, but I still felt better afterwards than I did before.

8. And I made simple goats' cheese - by heating some full fat goats' milk, adding lemon juice, stirring and leaving it to strain for a few hours. I added salt, pepper and fresh chives and it was delicious, though not as 'goaty' as I'd hoped. I am going to try and find some un-homogenised milk for my next go. You don't get much cheese per litre.

9. I will miss YD when she finally moves out. There are many aspects to her absence which will be a relief, but we come from the same place, me and her, in a way that neither of us do with our respective partners. Shared tastes, that kind of thing. Still, we fitted the complete works of RuPaul in before she left and she is only going a few miles down the road.

10. All my technology is being cuntish. My phone wants to bloody get over itself, as does facebook.

11. Also, where I felt a bit of empathy for that woman in Kentucky (only because I perceived her to be in a hard place, believing in an unforgiving god who would send her to hell for transgressions and then incurring the wrath of the internet), I am now fucking horrified at the celebration of her by some parties. Jeez. Why do so many people get off on having a group to scorn and belittle and why has this whole event gathered so much traction that I'm pissed off over here? She should have just been sacked or transferred to a different job and not been given this platform for her ridiculous vileness. Eye of the fucking Tiger, my arse.

I am grateful for: a day in bed; getting a bit of cooking mojo back; fleecy pyjamas; going to see ED on my own tomorrow - it may turn out to be hard, but the thought of it is peaceful; a full belly

Sweet dreams xx

12:33 a.m. - 09.09.15


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