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I feel I need to keep up with where we are with the virus. Just for future ref - this govt are not exactly truth tellers, so it's worth having your own record of what it was really like before the info gets blurry. So we're into the unregulated phase, where the only rules are that if you get it, or test positive asymptomatically, you're meant to isolate for ten days. Mask wearing is optional, though London Transport are asking people to still mask up on the tube and on buses, and some other transport authorities have, but not round here. The numbers have been madly high again, but it's presented in the media as being all about 'pinging' ie if you do track and trace then you'll get pinged if someone who's been at the same place at the same time tests positive, then you have to isolate. Anecdotal evidence suggests there's been a lot of deleting the app to avoid having to isolate and lose wages or just because people have had enough. The implication in the media has been that it's all over the top, that the numbers are falsely high, but this is not my experience. I know loads of people who've had it recently or who have it now. Many have had two jabs of vaccine, and while no one has died or has had to go to hospital, they are all reporting it as the worst illness of their lives so far. Many have been wiped out of energy for several weeks with no sign of a return to full health, though it's too soon to know if this is actual long Covid or if the delta variant is milder but longer.

Like most people, I'm still wearing a mask when I'm out in crowded places as my understanding is that the delta variant is much more easily transmitted in passing. I try to avoid being indoors and am not using the bus at all until the numbers come down believably. I am doing my volunteering but we keep the doors open for good ventilation, all wear our masks and don't have many people at a time in quite a large space. There also seems to be some evidence that a diet high in fruit and veg, plus fermented foods offers a bit more protection (I can't find the link now but it's from Prof Tim Spector) and I'm right on that.

Today has been good. I went to the recovery centre and did sketching in the garden with a few fellow recoverers, When the rain started the others were under cover so I was allowed to work at a table just inside. Although this is a mental health facility, a lot of the staff are trained nurses who later specialised in mental health and they're not fucking around with this virus. Very limited numbers, mostly outside, hoping things will be different by the time the weather starts to get cold, but not prepared to take chances. It makes me feel very safe and cared for.

Then I went to meet my nephew's girlfriend and their baby, my great-niece, who is about three months old and very lovely. we walked and talked for miles round the city and it was good. Her name is Anna and her mother died of MS after a long decline, whereas I am also Anna and my daughter died of MS after a long decline, so we kind of get each other.

Today I was grateful for being invited to the recovery centre when *whispers* I don't live in the area any more and they know that, but they know I need them so they've kept me on. I am so lucky.

I hope you're all well and keeping safe. xxxx

6:38 p.m. - 02.08.21


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