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Five and a bit

  1. I made Daughter a pair of fleecy trousers for after swimming. The fleece is so cheap, only a tenner for enough and plenty left over, but they take just a little bit too long to make for it to be worth doing them to sell. I reckon it was about 3 hours and they're not great - I couldn't ask for more than a tenner because I'm a bit crap at the finer points. People have asked me to make them, other winter swimmers, but I'm not going to.

  2. Today was my last WAFA workout this morning - the women's fitness thing that I found in March after an article in The Guardian but have had to give up because it's too expensive. I messaged Rosemary, the woman who first got me into physical fitness, with the 6,000 steps a day, and asked her if she did any online sessions - she's in Manchester - and she replied that I must be psychic as she'd just been pondering whether to go that way. So she's planning three 30 minute strengthening sessions a week, She says she doesn't want any money, just subscribers to her Youtube as if she hits 1,000 subscribers she can make money from it. It's here  If you're over fifty and want to keep or maintain fitness or even if you don't give a fuck about any of that but will help out a pal, please subscribe. 

  3. There was a call out for volunteers to speak about anything they're enthusiastic about in an old people's home, so I said I could chat about winter swimming. It was all set up till I found out they wanted 45 minutes! Fuck off, that's a lecture, massive. So I pulled out but now it seems I'm going for coffee and a chat next week, while the knitting group is on. There's something about care homes that calls me - probably because of Sammie. I'm going to see if they'd like a writing group - we could get some memories down which I think would be interesting.

  4. And, drum roll please, excitement to end all excitement - I'm due to have the steroid injection which may cure the dodgy leg this Thursday! I found the letter which booked me for the scan that revealed the cause and indicated that this injection was the answer - October 2021. for fucking fuck's sake! Two years! I have to say I'm scared. It's going to be into my spine, under a CT scan and I have visions of awful consequences. And it may not work. Apparently they work 100% for 70% of people. For the remaining 30% they do nothing. Bloke had one for his arthritic knee, privately, at a cost of £1,000 and it did nothing. If it works I'll be able to ride my bike - the bike I got before Covid, but the necessary movement of the legs for cycling is not available to me. Also swimming - I'll be able to actually swim instead of just lollop about. And yoga - back to ordinary hatha yoga, and beach cleaning - I'll be able to walk along the shingle again. So I'd like it to work. I have managed to keep pretty active despite it, but imagine if I could do all this as well. Fingers crossed. 

  5. The state of the world is beyond anything. I have to stay away from the news and just scan the headlines and sitting here in my village on the edge of nowhere I don't know what to believe as there seem to be conflicting accounts of everything and meanwhile people, innocent people, being bombed and killed and made homeless and there's fuck all will to make it stop from any of those in a position to have an impact. Just us - the people, marching, not for hate, not in support of terrorists, but for it to stop. And then I see what's happened in the British govt today and the only positive thing I can say is that at least Braverman and Coffey are gone, but bloody hell, the most inappropriately named minister of all time, Cleverley, at the Home Office. God help us all. 

I'm so grateful to live in a home I own, with no mortgage and no rent, with my pension and a bit of benefits. I am in such a good position compared to many. I hope you are all OK, my friends. Sleep tight, hug your darlings xx

11:51 p.m. - 13.11.23


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