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Quick five

  1. I am officially sick and tired of being sick and tired, but unlucky, as on it goes. Part of me wants to not write about it, but that's bollocks because here it is, shaping my life. Skip to the next para, I reckon - though there's no promise that will be any more cheerful... How people live with constant pain astounds me - two weeks and I could punch someone, hard. I just did the meditation, late evening, as I'd forgotten this morning, and I fell asleep in the chair, waking with a start, a start that jerked the fucking muscles again. That's where I'm at with the pain - it's wearing down but I keep reactivating it, by sneezing or hiccoughing or falling asleep during mediation and then it's ow ow ow! But yay for being able to alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen.

  2. YD has been very very low. I stayed over at hers last night as she didn't feel sure she'd last the night on her own. It's a year on Friday since all that. Still, we went and had a full English in a grotty caff at 3.30 this afternoon, with grey tomatoes and fluorescent sauce, which made us giggle a bit.

  3. This is how far I've got with the collage thingy:IMG_9305Theoretically just a patch of sea to do, but the art teacher wasn't in today so I shall take it tomorrow - she might have something useful to say. I don't think the groynes stand out enough - I may need to add more bits of wood to the uprights - the proportions are wrong - they should be much more heavy.

  4. I stood in a queue yesterday in a cafe behind a man trying to order two cups of tea and two eggs on toast, who failed to understand the server's failure to understand how many eggs on how many toasts and how many plates. He just kept repeating, "I told you, two eggs on toast!" but it could have been one egg on one piece of toast twice - on two plates, or two eggs on one toast, or two eggs on two toasts on one plate. It was like falling down a hole. Workmen were putting up scaffolding outside, clanging bits of metal together, a radio played jaunty pop-music and this man kept repeating, "I told you, two eggs on toast!" on and on and on in a darkened cafe.

  5. I'm delivering leaflets for the Labour party tomorrow, round here. Maybe not till Thursday. Part of me feels it's a bit pointless - there's been a massive Tory majority in this seat for decades - no one else has ever come close - but the current guy is such a slimeball - I am constantly amazed that anyone can vote for him and we have to try. I'm doing it to try and save the NHS.

I am grateful for: finding the writingness which seemed to have slid away after I blurted on and on at this bloke about what a writer I am; spending time with my YD and being able to help her feel a bit better; tender plants surviving a cold night; garlic at the allotment looking good; getting into a new silly photo thing #iseefaces



Night night darling peeps, thank you for reading.

11:43 p.m. - 25.04.17


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