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Big Three

This has been a day of three parts.

  1. Going round the Artists' Open Houses with MH which was as fab and annoying as ever. There are so many beautiful things people make and they are so fucking expensive. I can't even begin to recount the things I would have bought had I won the lottery, but I settled for a ring of twisted willow to make into a wreath. Christmas is heading for being shite, just me and Bloke, but I'm not surrendering - there will be a wreath, there will be a tree, there will be a fancy dinner. There will be a Christmas Day swim. 

  2. I've been very anxious about the do's and don'ts of cold water swimming as the water temperature has plummeted - I really wanted a book as I forget it all, again and again. All I've been able to find has been lyrical accounts of the bliss of being out at sea in a snow storm and that kind of bollocks.  Last night I finally had a brain wave and searched for a manual and there it was 'Chill: the Cold Water Swim Cure' by a doctor, a manual, Fab. Sold out everywhere though - not surprising really, it's the time of year. Eventually I found a copy in Waterstones in Guildford and it seemed I'd be able to select an option to have it delivered to a branch of Waterstones near me, but if there was I fucked it up and got a message saying it was ready for me to collect from Guildford. Guildford isn't really that far away (to you in the US), but it's across country - you can drive fucking miles round in a big square on fast roads, or you can creep along country roads. I phoned them this morning asking them to send it but they don't have the necessary to do that so I decided to go this afternoon, after we'd done the Open Houses. Sigh. I forget that I'm not really up to much, but I remembered once I was on roads I didn't know as the light was fading and the rain was starting. It was OK, but it takes it out of you, all that concentrating. I used the satnav on my phone which was fine but didn't tell me up front that the shop was in a pedestrian area or where I could park. It's all horrible modern buildings and a three lane one way system, and meh meh, I made it, but had no cash for the pay and display car park, it didn't take cards, no internet to download the app, aggro all the way but finally I got to the shop, had the book in my hands and all was good. But I was hungry. There were no independent places to be seen, all franchises. I tried McD's as it's cheap as shit, but none of their fucking screens worked, their was a queue of gobby teenagers a mile long and no fucker taking orders so I tried Five Guys. The girl who served me was lovely - she'd let me use the toilet on my way to the bookshop without buying anything, and recognised me. I told her I was hungry but skint so what was the cheapest? She told me, I ordered it, but when it arrived, she'd given me a massive meal! She gave me a big grin when I picked it up - I couldn't eat it all, but it made my day. Just as well as the fucking phone ran out of charge when I was half way home, going a different route as I had a different destination. Pitch black, pissing rain, no idea where I am, too many fucking roads, full of villages with stupid names I'd never heard of. Something is going on with the charger in my car - it's suddenly started draining the charge instead of increasing it. Anyway, after I stopped crying I did my om gum ganapataye namaha mantra for the removal of obstacles in my path - could have started that a bit earlier perhaps - and I just drove home - I went here and there and over there and suddenly it was the A24 and I knew where I was. So much emotion though, just driving up the road a bit. 

  3. This evening I prepared to start the Zoe diet app, where you get a personalised load of info about how your body metabolises food - I'm not sure if that's the word - it's all about blood sugar and fats and it's meant to be good - people have more energy, sleep better, lose weight and eat better - though apart from the odd diversion to the likes of Five Guys my diet is pretty good, but I could do with more energy, that's for sure. But this bit was a struggle - downloading two apps, linking them, fitting a sensor to my arm, reading it with my phone and getting it all set for more tests tomorrow - a blood test and a poo test, which you send off, and eating some muffins they send you to get a base reading. I eat them tomorrow after fasting tonight. We'll see. 

1:00 a.m. - 27.11.22


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