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Against the clock

So. I set the timer for twenty minutes and I'll crack on and see what happens. I seem to have developed a compulsion to blog even when I don't feel like it, in fact especially when I don't feel like it which strikes me as odd. I don't really know why I carry on - it is especially hard as the lockdown and the covid go on and on and on - there's nothing new to say really, is there?

I am deciding not to get into the review that is currently occupying much public discourse, having a close connection and feeling utterly bewildered by the things being said and the people saying them. Our media is possibly even more fucked up and even less free than we fear. But I haven't got much in the way of brain power to think it all through.

An Easter Egg put in an appearance today, for which I was grateful, in a grudging, awful kind of way. It was a Lindt one with those yummy little truffle things and I will admit I ate most of it - all the truffles and half the egg. To be fair there were only eight truffles, carefully placed inside the box to look like more. Why do companies not care about the endless disappointment they generate in customers?

Son came down yesterday and we walked round Brighton for hours, endlessly talking with an ease and fluidity that lifts me right up. He's such a good person. I want to go and stay with him but can't work out when that might be allowed - ha I just looked it up. When I typed 'when can I stay overnight with...' it completed it with 'Arianna Grande' Really? Am I missing something here? Anyway it said April 12th so I will go the following weekend. We walked 4 miles - my longest since the latest fall, so all good.

Bloke and I went to a plant nursery today, my idea, thinking I would put in a bit of effort, be a bit companionable. Mistake. I can't be, I don't want to. I don't want to share the garden with him, I either want it for myself or I can't be arsed. This is going to be a tricky week as everything is cancelled for Easter. There was no writing on Friday, no yin yoga today, no kite group tomorrow, or art on Tuesday or writing Wednesday. I try to make myself do other things but it's a struggle. It's always 'in a minute' and the day drifts away. I'm much better at turning up at a specific time. Tomorrow I shall try to paint a local building I took photos of - I'm just not sure how to do the white writing on a black background. I might need a white pen - it's for the name of the business and quite small but also quite important. Too small to paint round the letters.

And now an early night. Before midnight - well, almost.

Three Good Things
1. The place where I get coffee on the beach took up my suggestion for some savoury snacks and made sausage rolls and cheese straws, and they'd all gone bar one cheese straw which I bought. Very tasty. They'll do more. Good - I don't want to be eating cake every day.
2. I am lucky to have my two children. I know that as adults they aren't going to want to spend as much time with me as I would like, which is hard, as they really are my two favourite people on the planet, but at least they like spending time with me. This was the first place Son came as soon as the restrictions lifted a bit, down to the coast to see his ma.
3. I cooked Greek-style roast lamb and it was fucking delicious.

Take care xxx

11:21 p.m. - 04.04.21


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