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More medical shite and some royal moaning

I'm half watching the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan. Some thoughts.

1. The British press, or most of it, has been disgustingly racist towards Meghan - there can be no denying this as there are too many instances where she has been in an identical situation to Kate - holding her belly, eating avocado etc etc where the response has been literally positive for Kate and negative for Meghan, when they're all nonsense non-stories just to keep them in the public eye and nurture an attitude towards them.
2. He suddenly looks like Prince Charles across the eyes and top of the nose, after years of looking more like Hewitt.
3. I think she comes over as quite naive for not understanding what it would be like to be part of this family - Jeez, I'd know that it would be crap, that they're stiff and awkward, cold and probably unkind, How did she not realise this? I know she's from the US and y'all seem to have quite a romantic notion of it all, but come on. Having said that, the whole system is shit, most of them are personally horrible and unsupportive and she was adrift surrounded by staff who care more about 'The Firm' than anything else.
4. All this stuff about having the security withdrawn - pay for your own security, fuckers. How much money have you got? All sorts of people pay for security, you could do that. There's a fair amount of unpleasant indignation from Harry that he's not getting as much of a free ride as he feels he should. Other European royals are pared right down,
6. Fuck the royal family, really, what a load of shit. Arrest the other one, I find I can't even write his name, at least for the 24 hours of answering questions to see whether there's a case to answer then scrap the whole lot of them. Get a job, you bloody freeloaders. Let the queen and Philip live out their last few years then have done with it.

I've only been half listening though, as they do drone on and on. I might have missed something important.

In other news, I had a call from a GP pretty early this morning, in response to my request. Not my GP, but she seemed pretty cool. She said I needed to start statins at once and phoned a prescription through to the pharmacy for me.While she was talking about the aspirin - I have to take 300mg a day till two weeks after the TIA - I suddenly realised that I'd been taking them before - when I was diagnosed with Peripheral Artery Disease - for a few years, to stop blood clots, until I started to take the turmeric paste on a daily basis. Unlike other so-called superfoods, turmeric does have a significant affect on the body and there's a list of drugs it doesn't combine well with, including aspirin. Because it does thin the blood and also has other benefits, I chose the turmeric and stopped the aspirin and all was well until I recently stopped the turmeric, forgot to restart the aspirin, and within three weeks had a fucking mini-stroke. So that was kind of reassuring - that there had been some kind of cause and that the risk can be mitigated.

So I picked up the statins as my cholesterol is very high and that's a big risk factor for strokes, and later, just now in fact, I remember that I have to actually take them as well as pick them up from the chemist. Luckily I read through all the pages of shite that comes with them because half way down it says not to take them with the blood pressure pills I'm on as it can stop one or both of them working and can create significant side effects. Fuck's sake. So I have to get up early and phone the surgery again. But at least I didn't take one.

Three Good Things:
1. I walked in the sunshine all the way home, 3 miles and felt confident out and about again. It was fucking cold though.
2. When I came home I made a lentil, mushroom and tahini pate to eat instead of cheese. Really delicious - has more ingredients, herbs and stuff, from a recipe by Gail Duff in her vegetarian cookery book I bought probably forty years ago and still use quite often.
3. My SIL called me for a chat - hallelujah - she hasn't done that for bloody ages. I thought we'd fallen out - well we had, but we're past it now I think. Whew. She's one of my favourite people.

Sleep tight, you international women and the occasional man who reads this. Keep safe - we're nearly through this, aren't we? xxxx

11:14 p.m. - 08.03.21


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