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Better - ish

Firstly, thank you all for your kind messages. I'm OK, I think. I didn't hear from the TIA clinic so I called them today and spoke to their clerk who said I should never have been told they'd contact me in a day or two as they have people off sick and only one consultant in, who's working on the stroke ward in the hospital. She said she'd call him and ask if there's anything I should or should not be doing in the meantime and call me back tomorrow morning.

You see, this is how it goes with our NHS, in its grossly under-funded state - if you're an emergency, or even a potential emergency, like I was on Sunday night, you get everything you need, when you need it. But when you're not an emergency you have to wait, sometimes for bloody ages. But that's OK as well, as it means I'm OK. I need them to review my meds and I have to accept that I'll probably end up on statins as getting cholesterol down is important. I don't mind taking them now I know there's a reason and I'm in a high risk category. I'm already back on the aspirin, and will try to cut down the fat in my diet, though I don't think it's that bad. Just cheese and butter and eating red meat, though we don't have masses of meat. It will always be a minor component of any meal, not the main feature and we only ever have it once a day. Ah well. It was a bit of a shock, but I feel OK about it now. It's a pisser not driving for a month, but that's to see how I go. Within a month it should either be under control or I'm fucked so, we'll see. In the meantime, the covid figures are so low at last that I'm not scared of buses any more, though they take forever. I went in my friend's car today, which is against the rules, but we've both been mega-careful and we wore masks so I don't think it was risky. Prof Tim of the covid study said last week that at last the govt are being more cautious than the data warrants, which is reassuring.

Apart from that it's the same as it ever was. I did art group today, keeping my head down. We painted Monet's Gare du Nord, which was just my cup of tea and I liked the result. I'm participating in The Great Big Art Exhibition 2021 - as nothing's open and we can't go anywhere, we're invited to put paintings up in our windows, for passers by to enjoy. This isn't much cop where I live as we all have front gardens and there are a lot of aggressive people about, of the 'What you lookin' at?' variety, so staring at people's windows is not necessarily a good move. Where I used to live the windows are right there on the pavement and I bet it's great. I did it anyway though, cos what the fuck, why not? I'm hoping to get my nerve up for some original paintings, maybe in the garden. I'd quite like to do some urban landscapes, of these red brick, post-war council houses, but as I said earlier, it's not a place for looking at people or their houses.

Three Good Things today:

1. Walking over the lock gates on a sunny day when the water was as flat and calm as a mirror, all blue and lovely.
2. Walking that walk with my friend SB - what can be better than that? And having a bacon roll sat on the beach? Yes - that was the only meat I ate today - butternut squash filled with black bean chilli for tea, made by Bloke, all good and fresh. But the bacon roll was delicious.
3. Second hatha yoga class tonight and I could feel the difference in some of the standing poses, like triangle and warrior 2, just in the second session back at them. Muscle memory is real. That's why I stick to yoga - that and the fact that it's fucking brilliant for your body, mind and spirit.

Night night dear friends. Sleep well. Keep safe. see you soon xxx

11:25 p.m. - 02.03.21


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