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two weeks done

Well, I've completed two weeks on half a sleeping pill per night, without the sky falling on my head, so that's good. The doc has sent a prescription to the pharmacy for the next size down so when I can be arsed to go and get them I can halve the amount again and do that for a few weeks, then maybe alternate nights and then who knows, I might be free of them. Which would be fucking brilliant. It says in big letters on the box and on the leaflet in the box and on the sticker the pharmacy puts on the box with my name on - "These tablets are highly addictive. Only take one when needed and not for more than a few weeks at a time." Or words to that effect. Seven years I've been on them. They may be to blame for a lot of my diminished cognitive capacity - I don't know if it will return or if I've blown it after all this time, done irreparable damage. It'll be OK whatever - it would be nice to be a bit brighter, but to be honest I've got used to myself like this.

There was a bit on The One Show this evening about an attempt to break the world record for the number of people participating in a live online cook-along. It was run by an Asian guy (from Sheffield - I keep getting Sheffield connections), who'd been on Masterchef and everyone was so enthusiastic that I checked it out and now I've signed up for Bloke to cook Chicken and Saag (or paneer and saag, but we'll go chicken) next Friday. Bloke is quite keen. The list of ingredients is long but we do actually have most of them. Chicken, spinach, chillies, a bit more fresh ginger and fenugreek leaves are all we're missing. There's an Asian food store in the city where we'd probably be able to get the leaves, the only possibly problematic item. They did break the record - it had been 170 odd, but there were over 500 this time.

Last night, after I posted, I went on twitter and found myself reading an awful thread that started with the children's author Michael Rosen saying something about it being three weeks after he'd had the second vaccine and now he felt like superman (or similar). He had covid very badly - I can't remember the exact details but he was in a coma in hospital for many weeks back in the spring and has been left with many permanent... oh god, I went back to find the details and instead found a video of him giving a talk to intensive care staff about the diaries the nurses kept for him, as they do for others, about details of his days while he was in that coma, 48 days. Bloody hell, it was so moving and now here I am at almost one a.m., again. I meant to say that the thread included chat about people being especially vulnerable to getting the virus in the first few days after having the vaccine - one man wrote about a friend of his having died and another friend being in hospital, having caught it after having the jab. Fucking hell, that made me anxious all day until I finally stopped to think where I might have caught it and the answer is nowhere. They're now saying there are no known cases of it having been transferred outdoors, other than a few with very close, sustained contact and some time indoors as well. I just haven't done that. I've only been inside somewhere other than my house to get the vaccine, in the vast, ventilated space of the Brighton Centre, where everyone was masked and handwashing and surely not transmitting it. If they were it's the one with my number on it and nothing to be done.

So. Three good things today
1. A walk with SB, in the fierce, cold wind, blowing all our droplets far, far away, so (almost certainly) safe.
2. A much better Friday writing group, with twelve people, but with C managing it better so although we only wrote two things, there wasn't as much titting about. I wrote more about Bella and Paul, though not really moving it on much. Or at all. But I enjoyed it.
3. I worked out the total of miles walked so far this year and it came to 127 or something - why didn't I write it down? and although it's much fewer than at this stage in previous years, it's good for the depth of the winter and all that and I should be able to catch up and get to 1,000. I'm hoping that we'll be legally allowed to walk wherever we want after the briefing on Monday - the numbers are much better, though if he lets the schools and colleges go straight back it will probably go bad again, but we'll cross that bridge when and if we come to it, eh?

Happy weekend, dear pals xxx

11:50 p.m. - 19.02.21


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