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Day one of no sleeping pills

It was a bright, bright sunshiney day today and it was just the fucking ticket. I'm going to write things quickly in note form as I want to go to bed and I've stayed up too late watching shite telly - it was only the fire burning low that got me off my fat arse, but now it's late. So.

1. Writing group was good, not so many people.
2. Spoke to my doctor about coming off the sleeping pills. I start tonight, halving the dosage then sticking to that for two weeks, then either halving again or going alternate nights.
3. Walked by the beach with SB for miles. Lost Shirley. Some passing woman heard me calling and said, "Oh no! Have you lost your dog? What does she look like?" Her face was a picture of shock - apart from that she was smallish and about fifty, wearing jeans and a black anorak, with a long blonde ponytail. I said Shirley was short, fat and dirty white - she's not fat but she's barrel-chested so she looks it. I wasn't worried - I was certain she'd be lower down on the beach harassing the fishermen, eating their bait or their catch out of their buckets when they were looking the other way. We couldn't turn back as we both needed to use the toilets, then SB went off ahead of me as the woman had worried us a bit, but no sign of the fucking dog. We're looking on the beach, between the beach huts, down by the lake the other side of the path. Nothing. Eventually we see the woman coming back towards us with Shirley, looking dead perky, not a bit repentant, on a lead. The whole episode lasted about ten minutes - quite a while to have lost your dog, but I'm left wondering why she had a dog's lead about her person. Just in case - or is that her secret mission, like Captain Scarlet or something. I have no idea who Captain Scarlet is or what she does, but I know the theme tune.
4. I had another text from my pal in Spain asking if I still took the turmeric and what other meds I'm on, who then said amitriptiline and turmeric are not good together and can send your BP through the roof, ffs, I started on that before all the blood pressure stuff came up so I'm going to stop the turmeric as of now because the med does really ease the sciatica. It's a fucking minefield, all this shit. With luck though, if I stop the sleeping pills and the turmeric my blood pressure will go back to normal and I can stop taking the stuff for that and be down to just the amitriptiline. I bore myself with this, but I want it writ down in case I need to refer to it later.

I can never make it short, can I?

Three Good Things today
1. Spending time with SB, so calm and lovely.
2. Remembering to take a cushion in my loud, cotton rucksack so I could sit on the cold stones to eat my fish and chips without uncomfortable consequences in the bum area.
3. The covid figures are going down quite fast. Not fast enough to change how we're living, but enough to feel a bit less stressed about it.

Night night, see you tomorrow xx

12:26 a.m. - 06.02.21


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