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Sunday, Sunday

Sunday, Sunday...

I painted the LS Lowry again, on a smaller canvas, for my sister's birthday tomorrow as she was very complimentary about the first one I did. I do quite like it but it feels weird to give one of my own paintings as a present. It's all I've got, though. The shops are all closed and buying online is not an option for me - I can choose between this and that but not choose one thing out of everything that's available online, Jeez. She has everything she wants anyway so it's tricky. Ah well. I shall wrap it in newspaper and a plastic carrier and put it outside her front door in the morning.

Grayson Perry's Art Club started its second season today, with a look back at the first one. It was quite depressing to see how things have changed. We had a kind of grim determination to get through the first lockdown - all kinds of community things popped up - we did that pub quiz on facebook that went from 20 people in the pub to 62,000 online in one week. Me and Bloke, Daughter, Son and M, all in different houses, all joined together to compete live in a silly quiz every week. On Thursdays we all stood outside and clapped for the NHS. Grayson's art club, online this that and the other - we settled down for the long haul and though it was hard it felt manageable. I do think having those years of crawling towards Sam's death gave us good preparation for putting up with unbearable shite, But we're done now. Scraping the bottom of an empty barrel, with maybe another whole year to go, or more. Well, we will get through it (unless we get it and it kills us) - there's no option is there? I expect it will go in waves. At the moment the endless, cold, dreary weather makes it all worse but February sees things sprouting and you can believe that spring will be with us soon, and it will. Maybe there will be mass cheering up. I don't know about the vaccine. I mean, I'll have it, when offered but I haven't kept up with the different types and the new variants of the virus, and the gap between first and second injections. As soon as I saw that the government were disagreeing with the medical advice I knew we were going to be awash with bullshit so I stopped reading and it's not a thing I feel I can count on to end this.

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. I may have said that yesterday as well.

Three Good Things
1. Walking right up onto the downs when I thought I'd barely make it round the block,
2. Remembering this poem:
John had great big waterproof boots on
John had a great big waterproof hat
John had a great big waterproof mackintosh
And that, said John, is that.
It seriously applied to me today - all wrapped up in waterproof gear, plodding through the rain and the mud, breathing in the clean, fresh air, remembering weird poems from over sixty years ago. This one's by AA Milne who wrote Winnie the Pooh. I saw that referred to somewhere as Disney's Winnie the Pooh, cheeky fucking fuckers.
3. January's over at last.

Keep safe xx

11:01 p.m. - 31.01.21


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