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Meeting MC

Busy busy - driving around, last drive for now so got everything in. Went to the art supplies place to do a click and collect, just in time as I used my last sheet of paper and have Tuesday art group tomorrow. Then went to Grandson's new place to drop off his Christmas present from Son, which I've had for bloody ages. It was good to see him and meet his GF's mother for the first time, but she's a big talker so me and GS didn't get much time. We will have lunch sometime soon though, via facetime I liked her - she's friendly and chatty and paints so lots in common. Her name begins with M. That seems the rule - M or J for most of my Real Life friends. Or they're called Sarah.

Then I walked along the other end of the seafront where I bumped into MC (see?) who was Sammie's key worker and is the most beautiful, kindly person you ever met. I haven't seen her since we cleared Sam's room at the care home - I was going to visit - I think I did once but it was too soon, then covid and they aren't allowed visitors now. MC's moved to another home within the group - there are several homes with about ten residents each and their own managers and staff, but linked - as she's now living with someone who works in this other one and they have to keep contacts as low as possible. Her home is still covid free, but the one where Sam lived is now very badly hit among both staff and residents. One of the staff's husband is badly ill in hospital. Oh man, it doesn't bear thinking about.

I do feel stirred up by it. They were all a big part of my life and a huge part of Sam's life for three years - is that all?- and then suddenly I lost them all at once. And awful to think of them hit by the virus and that there's nothing I can do. My urge is to do everything I can to make it better, but there's nothing I can do. Stay away. Keep safe. Be ready to see what's needed when this is over.

Three Good Things today:
1. Session with R today - he said I seemed much less stressed than last meeting three weeks ago. Hmm. I suppose I am, but in a flat kind of way. Less mental, just a bit dull.
2. I made a second-day, all in one roast dinner revisited, with bits of chicken at the bottom, then pieces of sage and onion stuffing, dollops of bread sauce, broken up leftover roast veg - carrots, parsnips, celeriac, onions - topped with grated almost cooked jacket potato, heated through in the oven, served with yesterday's gravy (UK gravy is a different beast to US gravy - ours is a savoury. brown sauce made with the meat juices) and a mountain of cabbage. It wasn't quite as nice as the leftover Christmas dinner, but that had the sausage and bacon bits which really perk it up. This was OK, but pretty bland. My best way so far with leftovers when I don't want cold meat. Tomorrow I will make a big pot of stock then chicken and veg soup, enough for two days.
3. Daughter came round this morning to pick up two old laptops from Bloke (who is in the IT world). She didn't come in and wore a mask - went through to the back garden and played with Shirley who was thrilled. It was lovely to see her and see with my eyes that she's well, but we both got upset at not being able to hug and hang out. She called me later - she had the vaccine on Thursday and has been exhausted ever since - she went home and just slept, after a short drive. Apparently that's a commonly reported side effect. One in six are getting that.


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