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Walking From Home

I'm quite narked because I wanted to copy out the bit about Bella that I wrote on Friday in the recoverer's writing group but there's nowhere to put the notebook while I type. I got the hump about this yesterday and didn't write at all, then forgot to do anything about it till now and it's late and I'm tired. The laptop has to be plugged in to work and the table is too small this way round and moan moan moan. I shall try to sort it out tomorrow. It's not great here, to be honest. Right up against the only radiator in the room, which needs to be on high... I foresee moving the furniture around.

So, we're meant to be on national lockdown, only leaving home for essential shopping and/or one exercise per day in the form of walking, running or cycling and doing that alone or with people from our home or one other person. Then keeping 2m apart from that other person and everyone else. Most people are doing this but a substantial minority aren't. I'm giving up on driving to the seafront to walk, not because there are too many people, but because too many of the ones that are there won't give you space. It's fine when you're next to the beach as you can step onto the shingle to avoid them, but the other side is often edged with a firm hedge or a wall and sometimes I have to go on this side when there's a group coming towards me on the other, showing no sign of shifting. It would be much easier if we had a 'keep left if you can' vibe going on, but we don't. Or if I could manage the shingle for longer, like I used to. I'm trying to build that up. Round here it's very limited, especially as so much of the few off-road paths are very muddy and the pavements are icy. Meh. I walked 2.9 miles round and about today, going to the edges on the western side and taking photos through the fences. I will still go to the beach for the big low tides when they're in daylight, but they're short tides now, then slide round to being early morning and late afternoon when they're long. But I will walk on the big empty beach again soon.

I also picked 375g of rosehips from the hedgerows to make more syrup - I think there's enough in the garden to make it up to 500g which makes about 750ml once it's had half a ton of sugar added. I want to make marmalade but no Seville oranges yet.

So yesterday Son completed 13 years clean and sober. Honestly, I am so proud of him, even more when I think of the times he's been through. Losing his sister, slowly and excruciatingly, almost losing the other one. This last year, living alone. And more, which is not my story to tell. But really hash tag proud ma times 100. And Daughter will be two years on Monday. Equally proud. I managed to drink regularly through my youth, as well has having a go at most illegal drugs of the old school varieties (apart from crack, never did that) without developing addiction but I was a smoker for about thirty years after I first wanted to not smoke so I know addiction and how hard it can be so, I say it again #proudma #greatkids

Three Good Things today:
1. Sleeping till 11 this morning - I must have needed it.
2. Finding all those rose hips and having a spare bag in my pocket to put them in.
3. Having a good long chat with M this morning. She is also not driving anywhere to walk or meeting anyone for now. I might still meet my friend SB as there's a mental health element there for both of us. Me and M will have lunch together on facetime instead.

Night night xxx

10:59 p.m. - 09.01.21


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