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Good things in 2020 pt 4

This is going to be short as I've stayed up late watching that Korean film Parasite and having to concentrate really hard to follow the subtitles and watch the visuals - I know, this is how it is with subtitles, but I haven't tried for ages and I struggled. I watched it in two parts in the end, but omg it is fabulous, really unlike any film I've seen before, quite disturbing but great. That is a rubbish review, isn't it? All I've got, soz. Just watch it if you can and persevere, it grows.

I wanted to write tonight because I remembered another good thing about 2020, that clapping for the NHS. In the end it annoyed NHS workers who wanted more pay, better staffing and for everyone to stay the fuck indoors so Covid stopped spreading and they didn't have to work so hard, but it was still a thing of beauty that I'd hate to forget. Every Thursday at 8pm during the first lockdown, when everyone really did stay at home and everything was closed, people would stand outside their houses and clap, blow hooters, cheer and generally make a racket to show support for the NHS. When it was first suggested I didn't think it would really happen but went outside anyway and even here bastion of right wing bastardy, there were about five groups of people I could see and more that I could hear in the distance, shouting, clapping, blowing whistles - it gave me goosebumps and even more when I saw the next day that it had been happening everywhere, the length and breadth of the country. You can watch here (I'm writing this in Dairyland and it may be weird on wordpress but I hope it's OK as I think it's incredible. It felt like we were 'the people' united in a positive way, beyond the total control of those fuckwits, even if we were staying indoors as we were told. It didn't make any practical difference, didn't improve the lot of the NHS or its workers in any way and in the end pissed a lot of them off, but it was a thing of beauty and it went on for months, every Thursday.

So today I did meet SB, we walked on the beach at low tide, kept putting our masks on and taking them off as people came and went. It was freezing, quite literally, on the way from the car park to the beach all the puddles were frozen, the grass all frosty. I started to say to SB that I was scared of falling and before more than a couple of words were out of my mouth she went smack down on her arse on the ice. She laughed though and said she'd landed perfectly and hadn't hurt herself and I don't think she had as were walking along for hours and she never mentioned it again except when I asked and then she said she was fine. Whew. It was a medium low tide and not much sand exposed so we lumbered about on the shingle and paused for sit downs on the rocks, breathing in the clean salty air, by the sparkly sea and it was fabulous. 4.1 miles.

Which reminds me - thanks JoP for the note about the word fab and Edina and Patsy - is it a British usage? I use it a lot and I think other people do although your note made me wonder if it's just cos I'm an old git and was around in the 60s when everything was fab, especially The Beatles. Who can tell?

Three good things today:
1. Having a friend I've known and loved for almost fifty years to hang out with
2. Return of Thursday yin yoga this evening via Zoom, namaste and om and delicious chilling out all round, without having to leave home
3. The remains of that fish pie, just bunged in the oven with a pile of fresh homemade slaw on the side, delicious, nutritious and all round good stuff for which I am truly grateful.

Take care, my friends. We can see this through. Hugs xx

11:54 p.m. - 07.01.21


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