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Day 274

I might reactivate the blog I started at blogspot, to see if I can use that like I did with wordpress, write it there, up load pics and copy the whole thing to d'land. It seems a bit of an endeavour right now, but who knows what energy may appear.

Today I made Christmas puddings, forgetting to halve the recipe, so making far too much and it all got very complicated - one of those situations where it was bad enough living through it once without trying to recall it now, but in the end I bought another pudding basin (though that was also a fucking mission) so there's one cooked and ready for next year - they do keep as they're full of booze and sugar. Bloody hell, though.

I walked miles in the wind and the rain and my new hat stayed on my head and the brim kept the rain off my glasses. Result. But. The aspect I forgot was ears. It's a cap so my ears were exposed to the wild wind and I had earache in no time. Maybe a fine scarf under the hat... I liked being out in it though and felt like I want to commit to walking some miles every single day.

Two good, brief chats on the pier:

One - a fairly smartly dressed young bloke sitting on a bench, smoking a suspiciously long roll up said, "Props to you, bringing your dog for a walk on a day like today!"
I said, "Thanks, respect to you for lighting your roll-up or spliff or whatever it is, in this wind. Skills!" He thought that was much funnier than it was, but he was probably stoned. He held his hand in a strange shape and flicked it, like I've seen young 'uns do on the telly.

Two - a couple of blokes mucking about with bait and that, with three or four fishing rods set up, lines out over the edge, but the tide was right out, just wet sand and rocks underneath the pier.
Me: Why have you got your fishing rods out at low tide?
Bloke: We're not from here, we're waiting for high tide.
Other Bloke: We've come from Eastbourne - high tide isn't till 10 tonight so we've got a long wait.
Me: ???
Wanders off, pondering the weirdness of fishing people. Eastbourne is only an hour away, this was about 3 o'clock. Yeah, sit on the cold, wet, windy, exposed pier for another seven hours. On reflection, I expect they were glad to be out of the house and to be fair, it wasn't that cold, the wind wasn't that strong and the rain wasn't that heavy.

People are fucking mental though, aren't they? Not us, obviously.

Three Good Things:
1. I have contacted the therapist that Daughter saw and asked her to recommend someone for me. Yikes.
2. I cooked an Irish stew in the slow cooker which was delicious and there's plenty left for tomorrow.
3. I did an architectural drawing with the Art Enthusiasts in London, yesterday, completely different to my usual stuff, very pleasing.

Also 4, Son is getting a covid test this week then keeping away from people (not going in to work in the office, not going on the tube etc) till Christmas, so that he can come down without any of us panicking. I said I'd get a test as well - I don't want to be giving it to him, but he said he wasn't worried about getting it, just about giving it to me. You can't tell though, can you. My pal's mother-in-law, wee Millie, 4'11", aged 100 years and six months, had it twice back in the spring, was proper poorly and saw it off both times, but then my niece has just lost a young friend with no previous health conditions, so you can't tell. The numbers are going up again here. Nowhere like in the US, but rising. Scary shit.

Keep safe, ya hear? xxx

11:11 p.m. - 13.12.20


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