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Day 272

Five Good Things
1. I had lunch with Grandson which was fab as I haven't seen him since forever, what with him getting covid (asymptomatically) and having to quarantine just before we went into second lockdown. Six weeks, he spent indoors, poor fucker. We met outside this hip burger place where we'd planned to get takeaways and eat outside but it was fucking freezing so we went in, pretending we were one household. Lush, my darling boy, how lucky I am to have him in my life.
2. After he had to go back to work I mooched about the city as I didn't want to go home. Usually these last few weeks before Christmas would see the place heaving with shoppers - despite online being available there's usually still quite a buzz about it, what with the narrow streets, much of it pedestrianised, independent shops, buskers, all that malarkey, but it was empty. Not entirely, but kind of mid-January vibe, after the sales, when there's just a long hard slog through till spring. Meh. But I still didn't want to go home so I went into the hat shop, independent, hand made hats, very cool, and asked the owner if they had a hat that would stay on in a strong wind and had a brim that would keep the rain off my glasses. Well, that made her day - she perked right up at having a purposeful task and we spent a merry half hour trying on different caps and cowboy hats and what have you. Only one was the right size though, a black cap, so I bought it, rather than sending someone in to buy it for me for Christmas. Based on past experience I'm guessing there won't be wind and rain together for several months now I'm all kitted up.
3. The previously useless printer (don't ask why I go back to him, as I don't know - too lazy to hunt down another one, I guess) delivered my Christmas cards and I've written them to my friends in the Americas - North and South, mostly friends I have made online. I liked writing them, I thought of everyone as I did so, sending love and good wishes deep into the card. No spectacularly wonderful words, just the usual, but done slowly and thoughtfully, which I enjoyed. Over the weekend I'll do European ones, then local. I just checked and I've missed the last posting date for Chile and Canada, but I'll send them anyway as you never know.
4. Daughter came round today - she's got a car at last - thank fucking fuck for that - lending her mine just made us both grumpy as there's all the delivering and returning, which I have to do at least some of. She did travel by bus and train last time but then we didn't speak for a week, so much better that she has her own car again. She got a real deal as well. It was good to see her and to fall into our easy chat. She cut my fringe for me, quite sensibly given that she's a fan of the extremely short, stubbly fringe.
5. For Christmas, instead of buying me an object, Son is getting tickets for us to go to a Turner exhibition at Tate Britain. Brilliant. I'd much rather have a day with him - I have enough things. Ideally the weather will be OK and we can catch the boat down the Thames that runs between Tate Britain and Tate Modern, part of the London transport system so on the Oyster card - fab to step out of the noise of the city but still be in it.

Keep safe, dear hearts. See you again soon. xxx

11:30 p.m. - 11.12.20


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