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Day 204

So the Covid numbers are now 22,961 - that's new cases - up 10,000 since yesterday. But they don't seem to have updated the local pages so I have no idea whether they are still all up north or more spread out. They're saying the higher numbers are due to a 'backlog' but it doesn't make any difference why they're so much higher. Five weeks ago the rate was around 300 new cases a day. I can't find figures for the death rate or the hospitalisation rate - I get the impression that although we're looking at four times as many people with the virus now compared to the spring, there aren't as many serious cases. This could be a total error on my part, of course. I feel sick with anxiety about it, for everyone. And there's that fucker Trump, with the virus, sitting there posing for photos with no mask on.Pretending to sign documents with a Sharpie. Who's taking the photos? Do they have any choice? I have to say that although, obviously, I think he's a complete and utter cunt, I don't like seeing people wishing him dead.

Today Shirley went to the groomers at the big pet shop to have her nails clipped and a bath while she was there. She smells horrible - perfumed rather than a good, biscuity, dog smell, but it will wear off soon. It's pissed down with rain all day, or she'd have been out rolling in something organic.

I did yin yoga again, back with G, the bloke whose class I really like, but haven't been to since before I hurt my foot, so August. The studio he works in has stopped using zoom and the platform they stream from now is only one way, so I wasn't able to ask him for variations - it all seemed a bit risky. What else have I done? Made a birthday card for J, my stained glass making friend, 40 on Tuesday - so young! Varnished a big piece of driftwood which will be attached to the wall to hold the hooks for coats. Looks good but needs at least one more coat. Could be doing it now, but can't be arsed.

I made a pulled pork roast dinner and forgot to alter the timing to take into account the smaller piece of meat, couldn't smell it burning as it was sealed in foil. Black as fuck when I looked at it, the tin also. Didn't taste too bad, though. I could have eaten shitloads but my new diet plan is what they call intermittent fasting, with modest portions of food. So I only eat between midday and 8 pm, two meals, brunch and dinner, neither too big. No snacks, no sugar, no junk food. Loads of veg. Today I've had avocado, tomato, broccoli, celeriac, carrots, sweet potato and roast potato. And some raspberries with plain, natural yoghurt. Modest amount of carbs, modest amount of fats. That keto diet left me so fucking constipated and no one will convince me that that's OK, because it isn't. Oh yes, they say. It does make you constipated, as if it's just one of those things. So, I'll see how I get on with this. It's hard when I haven't been doing much to burn off the calories, but my foot is getting better, slowly, slowly, and I will do proper walking again. And maybe Crossfit...

The other thing I did today was have a bath in the new bathtub - bloody lovely it was. More than five years since I last had a bath - I took advice on what to put in it for a treat but when it came to it, all the luxury items in the big Boots near the pet shop, smelled horrible - chemical. I'm such a product-free zone these days that I don't like any of it. So I went for Epsom Salts with a few drops of essential oils - rose and lavender. Really relaxing. A bit spoiled by realising I still can't get into my favourite black watch tartan pyjamas, but I will be a skinny Minnie before the winter is really here, just you wait and see. I just looked at pyjamas online - only men's have pockets, of course. Fuckers.

Three good things today: doing some sewing; having a bath; making a lunch date with Grandson. All good.

Take care - especially those of you up north here. Really, stay safe xxx

11:08 p.m. - 04.10.20


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