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day 187

Today was the anniversary of Sam's funeral. It's awfulness snuck up on me.

The virus is riding high again, but there isn't a single reliable source of figures as the testing is so fucked up, there could be tens of thousands more than are getting positive test results. Bloke is totally slapdash about it all - he never washes his hands when he comes in unless I remind him and I bet he doesn't use hand sanitiser either. When I remember to think about it I feel terrified. This must have been what WWII was like - I used to ask my parents how they managed to not die of fear during the war, with air raids etc - my (step)mum lost all her friends when a bomb landed on the cinema - she'd been going but forgot her purse, went home and was saved by that. They said you get used to it, and you do. But we mustn't get too used to this. Whether a bomb fell on you are not was beyond your control but we do have some control over whether we catch the virus or not. We have to be careful.

My friend's son R is doing some work on our house. He was meant to start weeks ago, but he went to France and within an hour of emerging from the Channel Tunnel, they'd slapped a 14 day quarantine on people returning from there to the UK. So he visited his dad as planned, came back, sat out the quarantine and started work on our hallway at the first opportunity, yesterday, varnishing all the new doors. Mid afternoon yesterday he had an email from his kids' school saying a boy in Y5 had tested positive for Covid, so Y5 were being sent home, also Y1 as he had a sister in Y1. R's kids are in Y1 and Y5. He was quite agitated about it, but then got another email saying it was OK, it would just be the class the boy is actually in that would have to quarantine. But today, R's son came home with a high temperature and a runny nose. It seems clear that a runny nose means a cold not covid, but the rules are that if you have a temperature (or a persistent cough or loss of sense of smell), you must have a test and quarantine until you get a negative result. But there are no tests to be had. So another 14 days? That's his whole household back in quarantine until he gets a result. The kids had three days at school. The first three days since March. God knows when R will be back to finish the hallway - he's going to decorate the whole lot, painting it white. Eventually. It's a fucking shambles. The government are following the Trump school of leadership - keep saying it's all marvellous, ignoring the fact that we can see it's not true, and refuse to answer questions. I never thought I'd live to see this. I thought we were heading towards better things, to a kinder more decent world.

Anything else seems paltry compared to that, but I will note that I had my first music lesson since July and it went by quick as a flash. I want to try and practise every day. It's not so easy now as I had to move the keyboard downstairs to give me room to get out of bed on the other side, nearer the door and the bathroom. It's in the back room now, which is very open and exposed. But I will try. She said to keep up practising the three I know best, bloody Morning Has Broken, Any Dream Will Do and Doh, a Deer, a Female Deer. So I will.

I finished my pot project, covering a tub with different strands and colours of rope from the beach and planting some umbrella grass from the pond in it, for the conservatory.Looks OK.

And I did a yin yoga class, with G from the Natural Health Centre, my usual Thursday class. I told her in advance that I was going to come with my foot in a fracture boot which I wouldn't take off, that I thought I might be able to do some of it, and would lie in shavasana for the rest and all would be well. But she got back to me with a load of questions then structured the whole class around my injury so that I was able to do all of it. Ah, man, it was so nourishing to be looked after like that and so good to just do the yoga, mentally. physically and spiritually. The boot weighs exactly one kilogram which feels like a fucking ton when you're lying on your back lifting it.

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