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Day 167

Still keeping busy. Still don't know what we'll do on the anniversary of Sam's death on Tuesday but we might light a fire on the beach if we can manage to carry enough wood there.

Jeez, my memory is shocking - I knew today had been busy but forgot why - now I remember. I discovered that someone had accessed my bank card and spent a load of money. Fuck. I'd lost my card a couple of weeks ago, reported it, it was blocked and the bank sent me a new one. Nobody found it and tried to use it before it was blocked, but all my payments stopped, like to Riverford where we get our veg box, the parking app, Virgin fucking media and god knows who else. So I kept getting emails saying my payment hadn't gone through and could I sort it out. Tell them the new card number and expiry date. Which I did. And kept on doing. The one that looked as if it came from Virgin asked me for my date of birth and mother's maiden name and at the time I was already so tired and upset and not seeing straight that I just filled it all in and sent it off before thinking 'Hang on, no one asks for that,' but it was too late, I'd sent it and I thought it would probably be OK.

But this morning I got an email from my older brother, the one who lives in France. I'd sent an email to all my non-Facebook friends and family about the sponsored walk, asking for sponsors, and Bro said he'd sent me some money, but "I hope it arrives as it should. I usually mess things up on the internet." No sign of it on the justgiving page so I thought I'd check my bank to see if it was in there. It wasn't (did he even try to send any?), but there were all these fucking payments I hadn't made. So, hours on the phone waiting for the bank to answer, wrong department, hours on the phone again waiting for a different bit of the bank to answer. Very nice Geordie bloke, said there were a few more payments pending, including one to Vodaphone. I do like a thick criminal. Steal a bank card, pay your phone bill with it - what could possibly go wrong? So the card is blocked, I have to wait for these payments to clear and for my new card to come through, then they can set up the fraud investigation and I'll get reimbursed. But it did my head in.

Friday writing was off, the guy had a medical thing and I said I didn't want to run it again, but I managed Friday art with my pal from the US where I did another version of the Turner. I might do loads. Some bits of this are better, others are worse. I did it in gouache paint on watercolour paper, which is what I used to use all the time, but I don't like it as much as the acrylic paper now I'm used to that. Maybe my watercolour days are over..,


It looks shocking up large on my laptop screen!

Daughter brought my car back, hooray, and I took her home, stopping off for a meal at a Harvester, where I managed to more or less stick to my diet plan - really I can eat what I like and as much as I like if I stay away from sugar and carbs, so I had ribs with sweet potato chips instead of potato ones and a big bowl of salad. I'm doing the intermittent fasting thing and haven't had anything else to eat since. We'll see.

Big walk on the beach with Shirley, managed to miss the rain898BADEE-1B5D-42F2-9C10-0C7E23EB1515

That's the sea glass beach, the other side of the harbour and the industrial bit of the port, with no amenities, not even a toilet, so not many people go there. I hadn't been until a woman from the beach cleaning Instagram page invited me for a walk down there. It was a couple of years ago, when both Sam and my brother were still alive, but coming to the end. I often went there alone, well, with the dog, and walked the length of it, looking for seaglass and thinking about my daughter and my brother. So it has a melancholy thing going on for me, which I like. I've lived here for almost fifty years but this place is new to me, so it feels special and connected with them. I walked there with my sister-in-law and nephews on the first anniversary of my brother's death and with Son in the evening after Sam's funeral. It was the right place for me today. I wrote a note just now, to the woman who showed me the beach, thanking her. I found quite a few bits of sea glass and picked them all up, though fuck knows why - how much sea glass do I need? If anyone wants some, just let me know and I'll bung some in the post.

Oh, and I walked past the Crossfit gym and went in and asked about it. Never too old or too unfit they say. Maybe. Probably. In a month or two.

Three good things: nice bloke at the Crossfit gym, very helpful; finding out about the bank card before it got too bad; lovely restorative yoga class this evening.

Night night. Keep safe xx



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