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Day 166

Meh. I was doing OK-ish till I looked at 'on this day' on facebook and there I am last year, three days before Sam died, moaning about not being able to go to see Oklahoma with her because she's poorly. Unbearable.

It pissed down again, all afternoon when I wanted to go for a walk, and should have just put my big waterproof coat on but couldn't manage it somehow.

I did manage to get going on the claim for Grandson's inheritance, ie half the value of the mobile home that Sam shared with Son-in-Law. I saw a solicitor about it last year who confirmed that when there's no will, the estate goes to the child, but didn't tell me how to go about getting it, when SIL is being, not exactly uncooperative, but evasive. I've been trying to phone Citizens' Advice for weeks, no reply, ever, so today I put a thing on Twitter asking if anyone knew what I should do and got an answer quite quickly. From, in fact, the first person I ever knew that was also called Anna, who I met when already in my late 20s. She recommended a local solicitor, I called his firm at once, selected his name from the options given, thinking I'd get his secretary but he answered the phone himself and gave me free legal advice there and then. The probate registry, but first an inheritance tax form, to get a reference number, and do it as if I am grandson, not as myself claiming on his behalf as that will bring on endless complications. I started it, but actually, he needs to do it, so we'll do it together at the weekend. Which is a fucking relief. There won't be any inheritance tax as there's not much money in the scheme of things these days - half a mobile home being worth sweet fuck all, but still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

I also made passata with some of the tomatoes, but wasn't diligent enough at scraping out the wet middles so it's all a bit runnier than would be ideal, but fuck it, two tubs of that, in the freezer, better than nothing. And a carb free fish pie which was edible, just. Cod, prawns, onions, leeks, mushrooms, parsley, with no sauce - the recipe said add a splash of the milk the fish was cooked in to keep it moist, but I also stirred in the last of the creme fraiche, not enough. The topping was meant to be mashed celeriac instead of potato but we hardly had any so I added the last of the carrots and the half cauliflower that was lurking in the fridge, including the stalk, cooked it and mashed it all together with nutmeg and a chunk of butter. It needed cheese. I mean, it was OK, but it wasn't the sort of thing you want to have again next week. Though I probably will as it was quite filling and healthy and I'm fucked off with thinking of things to eat.

I did a zoom thing with the Tuesday art teacher and a couple of others, a work in progress session, where I got advice on how to improve the Turner. Don't know if it did improve. Too dark to take a photo now.

And a yin yoga class. And Daughter came back from camping and we had a laugh for a while despite her being tired and grumpy. So it hasn't really been a bad day but it does feel as if it was.

So my three good things today are; a kind solicitor, giving free advice; my lovely daughter coming home safe and sound after camping in the storm; and one of my friends donating £100 to my just-giving page - fucking hell, eh?

Goodnight xx


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