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Day 155

The little dog has got a bee in her bonnet about something - keeps jumping up and barking at something I can't hear. Quite annoying but I can't be arsed to go and see what, if anything, it is. No more wandering about in the garden in the dark for me, not unless I but all the crap away myself, like the hosepipe I tripped over a couple of nights ago. I managed to catch myself before I hit the ground, but it scared me.

Today was good, mostly. I woke up to the sound of Bloke chatting to the carpenter I'd forgotten was coming to hang new interior doors. 8 in the morning. Sigh. Bloke is gradually getting more and more deaf so talks more and more loudly. Awful. He won't consider having a hearing aid. He won't go to the doctor about anything unless I go on and on at him and I'm not doing that any more. I'm not his mother. I'm barely his friend, but there you go. The carpenter started by taking all the old doors off, which did my head in a bit, but the door on my room was replaced when we decorated soon after moving in, so I could shut it, and did. The old doors are those flimsy hollow ones, all badly hung so none of them shut properly, some of them don't shut at all. This is the start of our home improvement binge. I'd asked Bloke if we could leave it all till after the anniversary of Sam's death. I don't like having men I don't know in the house at the best of times and this is not the best. He said yes then booked the carpenter for today.

Grandson and I had lunch in a pub down in the harbour basin, where the sound of traffic suddenly disappears and all you can hear is seagulls and masts clacking together. Nice. We arrived a bit early so took Shirley for a quick stroll round, including over the lock gates. Grandson had never been there before and didn't know how lock gates work, then as we crossed over a boat came in and we just made it back before the gates opened - dead good, seeing it all in action. This was my first meal out since going carb free and I thought I'd be all right. I ordered jerk pulled-pork tacos, without the taco, just extra salad, without thinking that jerk means hot. Wah. I picked all the chili out of it that I could and ate it, though I didn't enjoy it. Shame. It was lovely being out with Grandson though - he's really easy to get along with, we ended up being there for almost three hours, which just flew past.

On the way home I took Shirley to the sea glass beach which I haven't been to for ages. I've never known a beach where the shingle shifts so much - it was like a different place. I walked all along, 3.6 miles altogether which is half what I'll need to do for the sponsored walk. I'll try and do the same again tomorrow then build up. I have no idea about how to prepare to walk seven miles when I've hardly done any for ages. Part of me thinks it'll just be all right whatever happens - I can just keep on plodding along. It's only seven miles and it's only walking. I'm doing well for sponsors though more are always welcome:

New daily Covid figures up to 1,440 yesterday - highest since May. So hard to keep behaving safely.


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