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Day 136

Daughter has gone home, sigh. It's been lovely. I'm seeing her again tomorrow as our friend P is over from Spain and we have to all meet up as they call each other twin sisters and have to see each other. That started at Glasto one year when Daughter found an old curly wig, just lying abandoned in the grass, like you do. P has long curly brown hair and wears a lot of purple so before she came back to camp, Daughter dressed herself in as much purple as she could find, cue lots of foolishness about mistaking them for each other and that was the day my twins were born.


We ignore the fact that P is older than me, never mind Daughter and weighs about half an ounce soaking wet. It's a bit anxiety provoking, meeting up with someone from Spain, who missed the new quarantine rules by six hours. I'm insisting on it all being outside, but if it rains I don't know what we'll do. And even if it doesn't it's going to be windy as fuck and she's come from Estepona where it's probably a million degrees, so she'll be cold. But that's tomorrow.

Today I dropped Daughter off back home then went to get some dog food. The pet shop is near an art supplies shop and a music shop... I bought the dog food on my card. They don't even let you in, but have a table outside blocking the door and an assistant goes and finds what you need and you pay by card. Mine's contactless so I just waved it over the machine and went in the music shop next door but one. I'm after a desk-top music stand - the one I made out of cardboard and masking tape is shite - at the end of the day I need a proper one. The only stand they had was expensive and didn't have the bits that hold the pages open, so I didn't get it but asked the bloke about really easy piano music. He showed me the basic books they had, I flicked through and found one with jazz classics and decided that would do. But when I went to pay for it, I didn't have my card. I have a tiny bag, not in there, two pockets, not in them. It wasn't in the pet shop or on the pavement between. I searched through where I'd been in the music shop - nothing.  Another customer offered to buy me the book, but I said thanks but no. His partner befriended me and walked back with me to the pet shop again. (By this time I was fairly agitated.) In the end I had to accept that I must have dropped it and someone had found it and picked it up. They took my phone number, just in case. I was too fucked off to drive so I sat in my car and called Bloke and moaned to him, because fucking hell, what were the chances of that happening, in such a short time and space between using it and losing it, and all the things you have to change when you get a new card, and the waiting for the new one and having a new security number to remember and all that. Sigh.

Then I started looking for the bank's address to cancel the card - with contactless, people don't even need the pin to use it, ffs. Before I found the number, my phone rang - the bloke in the music shop had had a good look through the sheet music books I was looking at and my card was in one of the books! Well. I only cried a bit, then I went back, bought the book, and a bunch of sunflowers in the flowers shop and two canvases in the art shop. By this time it was pissing down with rain so I came home and went to bed. Fucking hell though, eh. So much emotion and tension, up the scale and down again, all within probably fifteen minutes, maybe less.

Since then I've cooked dinner, with the leftover chicken, a stew-type thing with red peppers and tomato and wine and that, which was OK but not great, and I'd eaten half of it before I remembered I was going to put chorizo in which would have made it a lot less bland.

I'm pissed off about starting my attempt to loose weight just as that fucker Johnson declares weight loss as public policy. None of the things he's bringing in apply to me as I don't eat that sort of shit food anyway. We literally cook everything from scratch except for once every few weeks when we're both knackered and we'll have an upmarket beef and ale pie, from Waitrose or M&S, with no dodgy ingredients anyway. I can't tell you the number of people who have offered me weight loss advice based on eating less junk food, stop eating snacks between meals, cutting down on fizzy drinks, and all kinds of things that I never do anyway. My diet is excellent, but I am greedy and I've been comfort eating for too long. I love potatoes in all their ways - apart from mash, can't be doing with that, I like a bit of texture - and cheese - I love cheese.

Ah well. Making myself hungry now, so off to bed.

Three good things today: the assistant in the music shop looking for my card after I'd gone, and finding it; the art shop letting me in to buy canvases although they were closing; rainy rain all day, watering the poor parched ea


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