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Day 132

Thursday writing group this morning. I like the way the group runs even if I do struggle with some aspects. Today after a couple of warm ups we were asked to quickly make a list of memories involving bicycles. Then we had to pick one to work on in various ways. I like that - much better than going straight into it. I wrote about the time in the early 1980s when I thought my bike had been stolen from my back garden so called the police to report it and they sent two cops round straight away, which was pretty wild for a stolen push bike. When they arrived one of them asked me questions about the bike while the other one blatantly examined everything in my flat - I realised it was probably because I smoked dope and hung out with people who'd been busted at various times, though I never was and there was nothing for them to find on that day. And in retrospect one of my friend's husband turned out to be a cocaine dealer - I can't remember the time frame but the police set up a camera and what have you in a house opposite where they lived and did a dawn raid, but timed it all wrong and only found odd bits and the scales. Anyway, when the police had gone, I picked Sammie up from playgroup and headed to the pub - there was one with a big garden and some children's climbing stuff so we used to hang out there - I could make a half of Guinness last me through for hours. There was my bike, propped up against the front wall, where I'd left it the night before. It had been there overnight and all morning, on the main road - who was I kidding thinking anyone would nick it? It was an ancient butcher's bike with a big metal frame in front to hold the basket where all the deliveries went, it weighed a ton and had no gears. I had a child seat on the back for Sammie - I gave the bike away when I had Younger Daughter - no way was I going to attempt to move three of us around on that heavy old thing, especially here on the windy coast.

Other options of bike stories include: when Daughter took hers completely to pieces in the porch and I didn't have a clue how to put it back together so that was the end of that; the dream I had of riding a bike in India with my friend Joan on the back, turning round chatting to her like we'd done when she was alive - it felt like a few hours spent in her company - just what I'd needed; telling people I'd had a bike accident when my then husband had beaten me up and broken my ribs - I was at uni and knew too many people - the scenario I created was so vivid I can still almost remember it as if it actually happened; thinking I could just nip up to Bloke's house on my bike to buy a bag of weed, leaving Sammie in charge of the two little ones, but the wind being so strong it took me ages and I was knackered and then I was riding into it again on the way back and when I got there Sammie's dad had turned up and went mental at my irresponsibility. There were more, but the usual, teaching the kids to ride bikes in the car park, freewheeling downhill when I was a kid, with my brother holding on behind on his rollerskates.

Good things today: having a really long snooze this afternoon - about three hours fast asleep; Bloke helping me fill in the insurance form for the vet's bill - I just couldn't; lovely yin yoga class - although they're opening back in the studio on Monday, she's not doing yin as they want people to use their own mats and props and you need too many props for yin, so she's staying online. Good.



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