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Day 52

Very late again, very tired, determined to just make this a short entry then to get back to decent length ones as soon as possible. I'm trying to document the experience of this fucking lockdown, the subtle shifts from day to day, but I feel like I mainly moan.

So, today, in brief:

  1. Meditated

  2. Repainted the things for Daughter  1DD72B65-9481-4454-829C-6AF3066D0A86 which I still don't like - they look even worse in a photo - lumpy as fuck. Meh.

  3. Washed some dishes. Was meant to be having a Saturday 2 hour cleaning session but couldn't be arsed and got too cross with Bloke who said he'd hoover and started at once, before anything had been dusted or wiped, for fuck's sake, that's the last bit you do. I say that to him every time and he looks at me with one of those faces that says, 'Here she goes again, on about the same old shit,' which I am because it's fucking true. You don't hoover the floor first, you do it last. Or in my case, hardly ever, but I still know when it should be done. Bastard.

  4. Made a batch of Golden Paste - turmeric wonder stuff, developed by vets for horses and dogs, later found to work for people too. I have a turmeric latte with my breakfast every day. Delish

  5. Did online singing group - still tech problems - this time the music kept cutting out, very disconcerting but I carried on bellowing my heart out and did feel better afterwards. Top songs for me this week were Dance Me to the End of Love, Somewhere Beyond the Sea and Spanish Ladies.

  6. Had a long chat with L who is doing the video for Daughter's birthday. Forwarded to her the last few, including an amazing song by friend J that I hope to be able to share when Daughter has seen it.

  7. Started to go for a walk, got a little way up the hill and realised I couldn't be arsed, that what I wanted was to see someone other than Bloke, so went to M's allotment where she was digging and methodically pulling tiny bindweed roots out of a small patch of ground. I sat on a chair. a safe distance across the plot for several hours and it was fucking great. EBA75302-940C-4910-9860-FD6F18D4E906

  8. Came home and chatted with L again - the video came in at 20 minutes long and wouldn't upload anywhere but Facebook for various reasons too tedious (OK, too  incomprehensible), to recount, so she ended up creating a private group of just me and her and uploading it to that. I then invited Grandson to it, to check that I could invite and that the invited person could watch the vid. It all works. The video is amazing, I cried. Some people went to so much trouble. My sister-in-law set up a table with teddy bears, all wearing party hats she'd made for them, with a cake and candles and sang them a song. All the friends who were there in my flat the day Daughter was born at home posted a video, apart from darling Julia who died in 2004. It made me cry with happiness to think we're all still such good friends 37 years later.

  9. Watched Ru Paul - the makeover ep - always a favourite.

  10. Had a long chat with Daughter

  11. Blogged

  12. Went to bed

Good night xxx

12:13 a.m. - 03.05.20


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