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Day 26

This is last night's entry that I couldn't post as the server was down.

Honestly, if anyone had told me I'd do 26 days inside this house with Bloke and not go stark raving mad I'd have thought they were the insane ones. But here we are, still plodding along.

First off, let me show you this pic of Shirley. It's a full moon (I think, it might just be close to one) and a clear sky so I thought I'd go out and try for a photo. I found the little dog, sitting very still and upright. She stayed out there like that for ages - it made me feel very peaceful and at one with my world to see her like that:


So today has been better. I had another go at mask making and this one was easy to make, close fitting, no elastic to make your ears sore, no ties to make - it has cord and has a pocket for a filter and feels OK to wear:


I'm not going to change the thread in the machine to match the fabric as it's all too much... though when I write that down I think for fuck's sake woman, just change the bloody thread. So I might. I'm going to aim for making four tomorrow.

I am going to brush my hair, any day now. I've suddenly got lots of grey. I've had streaks of it for ages - I remember discussing it with darling stepfordtart and she's been dead forever, but it was never more than a few strands here and there. Now I'm on the turn. I wonder if I'll be all grey by the time we come out of this.

So. Johnson in intensive care. Honestly, what did he expect? He made much of the fact that he was shaking the hands of people who were infected, he didn't rest and he almost certainly lied about how ill he was. But still, I hope he makes it. He's such a big character - it's impossible to imagine that light being extinguished. He's in an NHS hospital, of course. All our best hospitals are NHS. So. Get well BJ.

I've meditated, done keyboard practice and a good yoga class today, and been for a long walk across the dual carriageway again. I set my timer for thirty minutes and turned round when it went off, abiding by the (disputed) rule of only being out for an hour, which seems very sensible, spreading us across the hours of daylight, mostly.

Because I'm not out and about, my diet is much better than usual. No crisps or chips or sandwiches full of chemicals. Today I had avocado on sourdough toast, with a tomato and a poached egg for breakfast; asparagus with butter and parmesan for lunch followed by a heap homemade slaw of celeriac, beetroot, carrot, apple, onion, coriander leaf and toasted seeds in an oil and lemon dressing, with a couple of rice cakes. For dinner Bloke made a shepherd's pie with the remains of yesterday's roast, with carrots, celery, mushrooms and flageolet beans, with a mixed mash topping of potato and celeriac and cabbage on the side. Stewed plums with live organic natural yoghurt for pud and six small squares of chocolate just now.

My big news of the day, though, is that someone on the terrible local facebook page, the one where I'm always typing and deleting comments to people with ridiculously ill- considered opinions - honestly, you wouldn't believe some of the shite that gets posted there and the number of people who refer to others as scum. I hate that. I mean I really fucking HATE that. But anyway, someone posted that they were a music teacher and would anyone like keyboard, clarinet or saxophone lessons via skype or facetime - hell yes. I've been in touch with her just now and we're going to chat tomorrow. Not too expensive and just what I need to set me in the right direction. We have a couple of mutual friends which is reassuring.

OK bedtime now. I posted that pic of Shirley on the local 'photos of skies' page just before I started writing and it's already had 77 likes - my most liked picture on there ever, I think.

Today I am grateful for: good chats with Daughter; and with Sister-in-Law; my good health (touch wood) - it's a year today since I went down with pneumonia; the tabby cat starting to go outside at last - they're creeping towards being normal cats, those two; an early night - yay, finished before midnight!

Keep safe, y'all xxx

10:24 a.m. - 07.04.20


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