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Day 19

Well. You know last night I was all full of despair and 'cold dread in my belly'? Turns out it wasn't the fear, but the manky chicken that had been lurking in my freezer since Nov - not sure which precise Nov - it's either 2019 or 2018. When they put the use by dates on food they don't include the year. I have no knowledge about freezing and defrosting - it's mostly like a halfway house to the bin - but I was made suddenly aware of food shortages so I oiked these chicken thighs out of the freezer, more or less defrosted them, then cooked them in the oven, skin side up, lightly rubbed with olive oil, sat in a touch of white wine with garlic and rosemary. I set them on a plate to rest while I turned the juices into a delicious sauce and it was only then that I started to wonder.

I mean, it smelled OK-ish.  I'd cooked everything in the oven so there was a big tray of roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips and some broccoli steaming away. It could have been a delicious chicken dinner, you know, winner winner, chicken dinner, but I picked a bit off (quite a big bit) and ate it and thought, nah, let's not go taking chances, threw it out and had all those veg with just mayo as I was too dispirited by then to think of anything else. The potatoes were delicious but it was all a bit dry. Bloke had wanted me to give the chicken to the animals, for fuck's sake. Let's give them food poisoning, that'll be a laugh.

Anyway, the wisdom of my decision was later made clear to me in the usual way several times during the night, and I cheered up as I'd rather have a touch of food poisoning than cold dread. I'm back to living in a cloud of ignorance and delusion and it's much better.

I had words with my friends in Madrid and they're well so far, apart from her lumbago, a condition which I haven't heard of since The Small Faces mentioned it in 1968:

Wow - I just looked for it up on Youtube to make sure I'd got the right song and just look at that video! State of the art in 1968 I should imagine.

So. That was last night and today has been much better. I'm cracking on with the keyboard - I've just come back to 'By the Rivers of Babylon' which is where I got to last time. I'd been talking about having a few lessons to set me off in the right direction before all this virus malarkey arrived - I wish I had now. There's a guy who does Youtube exercises, Joseph something or other, but they aren't in a sequence. Ah well. It's still cool.

My friend D's husband has just messaged me a video from the Czech Republic saying they're keeping the virus from spreading by everyone wearing masks when they leave the house, always, even home made ones making a big difference. They're also doing the distancing and the hand sanitising, which everyone is doing everywhere, but the masks are what separates their statistics. I'm not sure - so much bollocks talked everywhere but they're not trying to sell anything so I'm going to make a few masks tomorrow - there are loads of instructions online for ones that are good enough - surgical ones need better levels of impermeability in the fabric than I have kicking around at home. They can be fixed with hair elastics and I have loads of them. OK.

I gave my camp bed to the hospital this morning. I feel that many of my friends are volunteering and I'm a bit ashamed that I'm not, so I'm trying to do what I can.

Today I have: meditated; cleaned the kitchen; done a yoga class; made a stew/soup/thing out of what I could find:


Those six objects at the bottom are not conkers, they're chorizo. Green split peas are fuckers. They go from uncooked direct to sludge, suddenly after several hours cooking. It was OK in the end but not great:244CB15E-75E6-49DB-B77A-CF03CE25B95C

I grated the courgette into it - the veg box keeps having three of them, in the middle of winter, or spring or whatever this is, ffs and I'm sick of them but if you grate them into things they vanish. I put paprika in and it was OK but I'd have liked some fresh herbs, some tomatoes and peppers.

I also did keyboard practice and another load of washing - there's something cheering about white bedding blowing against a blue sky, isn't there?


and walked on the hills:



and blogged. Daughter's temperature came down, she's now thrashing me at Words with Friends because she's arranged it so I only get vowels and one consonant at a time. I don't really care (I do, a bit). I'm also playing with Mia, Poolie's sister, a million games on the go at once - it sets two off each time you finish unless you're right on top of it. Ah, Poolie. We still miss you, and your take on things.

Good night. I hope you're all as well as well can be, keeping your spirits up, managing to get along with whoever you're stuck indoors with. Big hugs, see you tomorrow xxx

12:50 a.m. - 31.03.20


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