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Jan 28th

We're getting closer to leaving the EU, aren't we? I've maintained a position of it being so ridiculously against our best interests that 'they' won't let it happen but now I'm afeared they might. Sigh. So much nasty stuff around.

Anyway, today was hectic but good - at Tuesday art group I worked with clay and made a new lid for my tea pot and a couple of pairs of earrings. I don't know how I have the nerve to name them like this - they have yet to be fired and may all disintegrate, or shrink or who knows what else. It's a lot harder than it looks to make something that's significantly better than a kid at nursery playing with plasticene.

Instead of going to the gym, I drove off over the downs to meet my pal P as the weather forecast was for a day of sunshine amidst all the rain. I didn't even wear my new mac, I was so thoughtlessly confident about it. What the fuck? I'm 65 years old, I have lived here all my life - we don't get our reputation for talking about the weather because it's predictable. Hailstones descended on us, we got soaked but there was blue sky behind the wind so we knew it would pass and kept on walking, walking and talking. I need to remember this when I get all woe is me, nobody loves me - many don't but some do. Plenty of people live alone and spend long days, weeks or even months alone - why is it so hard to hold on to all the good things I have in my life? I had a great afternoon with P, she is a lovely woman - kind, clever, interesting, funny. Ah well.

Tonight I've been mostly in a panic about finding my birth certificate as I have a meeting tomorrow about being a volunteer in a school, listening to kids read, and they need documents to do a police check. Man, I've been frantically looking through piles and piles of shit - I mean I do have an Important Documents folder, a proper cardboard folder, not an online thing - it was the first place I looked - well, looking for that folder was the first stage, but it wasn't in there - there were all kinds of stupid things in there, still are as I was too busy searching to be able to make executive decisions about what was or wasn't worth keeping. In the end I gave up, at which point I noticed the supermarket carrier bag full of papers sitting on the end of this desk, where I put the stuff that had been piled on my last desk, and right at the top was my birth certificate. (I'd been kind of hoping to find my mother death certificate, as I have a feeling she died at the beginning of September too. Sam was September 1st, my Dad on September 2nd - different years, obviously, and I have a feeling my birth mother was also right there, maybe the 3rd.) Now the front room is covered in dusty, unstable piles of crap, but I have my documents. All good.

This is what I found on the old blog - I quick report on the sponsored walk we did to raise money for a wheelchair accessible van for Sam. Loads of people were intending to do it, but it was lashing down with rain, proper torrential, all fucking day, so in the end it was this lot (no Grandson as he didn't live down here then):

Stars of the walk

Because I want to remember this. In no particular order:

  • AD, age 60+, came in third, on the one hand a regular long distance walker, but she's someone I never really knew well, but bumped into a few weeks ago. She raised over a hundred quid in sponsorship and walked in the rain for a family she'd known vaguely thirty years ago. Star.

  • VB, aged 60+, hat on, head down, walked ten miles, slow and steady, no fuss. Star.

  • ML, young, pulled a muscle and had to retire in the end but gave it her mega-best shot. Has done brilliant publicity and fund-raising. Star.

  • HE, only met her once, friend of a friend, asked about my pedometer, chat moved to this walk, she said she'd do it, turned up, ran the whole thing in two hours, raised loads of money. Star.

  • DS, in her 50s, worked with me briefly in my last teaching post seven years ago, drove miles to get to the start, walked slowly with me for first four miles though her own pace is much faster, as seen by the short work she made of the remaining distance once shot of me. Star.

  • LG, 29, ex-pupil, ex naughty pupil, to be honest. Worked yesterday morning from 5-8.30, drove fifty miles, collected her two sisters and all walked the walk, in cheap useless rain ponchos that didn't keep them dry for five minutes. She's raised over £350. Super star, double plus.

  • JP, friend of a friend, paid £100 into the fund before she walked, hurt her leg but kept on to the end. Star.

  • H, LG's nephew, aged 5, did the first four miles when the rain was really lashing down and only complained when his gran turned up to take him home. Star.

  • MC, 60, one of the most joyful people on the planet, everyone who walked with her said how much they enjoyed her company. Star

  • SC and MK, brilliant, dream team without whom none of this would have happened. MK is tiniest but was first home. Mentalists and stars of the highest order.

  • DT, drove down from London, awesome fund-raising, knew no-one but me, fitted in as if she'd always been there. Star.

  • Son, YD and Bloke, all doing it for the ED, keeping me steady, taking the strain, being brilliant. Stars just pretending to be bastards

Cool, I am indeed truly blessed. Night night xx



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