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Jan 6th

Yikes, what a day. But here I am again, and I think I have regained the blogging every day habit, which does make me very happy, though I'm not sure why.

Today started badly, with the tail end of weird powerful dreams eating into my consciousness, leaving me agitated and anxious but with no clear memory of why. I often find with powerful dreams that I can kind of rewatch them so long as I don't articulate any thoughts about them, don't name anything that's happening. The moment I try to do that they melt away into nothingness, which is what happened this morning.

But all nothing, really. Just meh. Acupuncture, then a new yoga class in the town with the river, half way to the city, which was OK, nice room, but I left my bloody bag there and didn't notice till later when they'd all packed up and gone home so I spent the rest of the day with no purse and no diary. I'm getting it back at 10 tomorrow, if it's still there, and I just hope I didn't have anything I'm meant to be doing before then. I don't think I turned the page to the new week yet. Meh.

But it wasn't all bad and I'm going to put most of it into my long list of gratitudes:

  1. Dear K did the html for me to have a picture on my diaryland page again as the last one became unavailable for reasons I don't understand. It was quite complicated but we both persevered and there it is. It used to be a photo of the eponymous Bob the cat (RIP)  but now it's a sunset.

  2. I had a good drive to acupuncture, straight into a parking space. I'll try not to have parking feature too heavily in my gratitudes, but it's a real deal in a city built for pedestrians and horses.

  3. The receptionist there is doing dry January and was significantly more cheerful than in recent weeks, when, I now realise,  she'd been hungover. It's nice to spend time with her cheerful self.

  4. One of my pals, A,  from the Buddhist centre texted me about the new yoga class and invited me to her beautiful flat to meet first. I like getting to know her.

  5. One of Son's friends is a gardener, a handsome young man with a topknot, and was pruning the roses in her communal gardens - he's one of my favourites as I am his,  and we had a big, long, old hug.

  6. The yoga centre was lush. In the old town hall, with loads of stained glass circular windows like portholes, this being a port and all.

  7. When I found I'd lost my bag A put me in touch with the key-holder of the building and she was very amenable.

  8. I came home and went to bed and straight to sleep

  9. Shirley came onto the bed with me and slept with her back alongside my back - most soothing

  10. Bloke found out he will get a pension from a place he worked (I'm leaving this right here or I will start ranting, the fucker, but that's all - sticking to the positive)

  11. I've had good texting chat with Son on and off all day

  12. I found the nerve to send the email to ex-Son-in-Law about Sam's estate - I've been sitting on it half written for literally weeks. Don't know why I couldn't send it, but today I could and now it's gone.

  13. I signed up to go back to Five Rhythms on Sunday. It will mean missing yoga but I need to dance and I can and I will.

  14. I have a warm bed

  15. And a little dog.

That was harder than before, because today felt like a bad day, but as can be seen, there were lots of good things too.

Sleep tight xxx


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