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Thursday,World Mental Health Day

Today I did four things.

1. Yoga at the clinic where I have acupuncture - a very different class to the one at the Buddhist centre as the other participants are all older women with some health issues. The teacher trained under the guy who does the other classes so it's a similar style but much more soothing, if a bit predictable. I went because I missed Monday's class and there was no dancing on today. I do like everything about it apart from the fact that she teaches the same routine every time. Yoga guy is liable to start anywhere and include anything, which I realise I like. But this was good.

2. Then to the recovery centre, firstly for a meeting with SD, my writing mentor, who is brilliantly encouraging despite me not having done much since we last met - ach, this makes me think I should be doing that now, not this, so I will crack on and have time for some of that after I finish this.

3. Was the writing group which was good - I'm starting to really enjoy it now that people are coming back. Well, I say people - men, that's who're returning, but at least one of them is a blindingly good writer - not only does he use words powerfully but he sees things in a truly original way. The other returning one was having a bad day but I like him too and they're all practising being better men - listening to women, not talking too loudly or domineeringly. Plus a new guy, nice and gentle. I'd planned to take a photo to go on the centre's social media pages - I thought one of some hands writing, no faces, but I forgot and when I thought about it I realised I was the only service user there today who didn't have masses of scars on my arms from cutting, self-harming. Not scars really, so much as scabs and wounds. Terrible. I've kind of got used to it, sitting chatting with someone who presents as quite cheerful but whose arms tell another story.

On the way out I bumped into the centre manager who said the group was getting great feedback and they would like me to continue and yes, weekly if I liked. Which I do. Fortnightly is a pain in the arse - who can ever remember when it's on or not on? I'm always getting it wrong with my fortnightly art group at the hospice. I'm going to keep doing the two weekly groups till Christmas then see if I can get paid somewhere, somehow. The writing mentor said she's going to introduce me to some of the people in the 'writing world' of the city, at a gathering she's having in a few weeks. So I'm trying to hold my nerve about the cash flow situation and believe that I can make some money through teaching/writing.

And through sea glass jewellery - thanks so much for the interest, Dia and Ligia - I will check out postage and when I've made some more I will do some proper photos so you can choose.

4. After all that I drove quickly home, grabbed the naughty dog and sped off to meet my dear old pal J, who used to live here, who in fact took me to meet her landlord so I could have her flat, back in 1980, when she went off to Las Vegas to be a showgirl in the show Jubilee. It didn't last long that first time, as there was a fire, the hotel where the show was playing burned down and everyone was sent home for ages and ages, but in the end she went back, and has lived there ever since, marrying, bringing up her family, home educating, chickens, the whole deal. It was so good to see her - we just start talking,  almost picking up from where we left off, as if we haven't been separated for almost forty years. We went to the sea glass beach - still low tide at sunset, still 18C, which is mad for October - climate change - I know only idiots are pleased about it being this warm this late though it's impossible not to bask in it to some extent.A74AFB94-C3EE-47B2-B58E-FCE9E152C7C5

I am grateful for: friends, old and new, online and in Real Life; having a good day, the best for fucking ages; having two writing groups to run; bed; dinner; furry slippers - 18C during the day but chilly now


Sleep tight. Thank you for reading. If you read me on diaryland and you've never left a note, please pop in to say hello - now the site's only half working it's impossible to tell. Have a good Thursday xxx

12:34 a.m. - 11.10.18


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