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It's been another busy day, full of good things though leaving me a bit omagawd at the end of it. But I want to keep writing so here I am, turning up at the page or the screen or the whatever.

I am grateful for: good people both here and in Real Life; getting a reply to my email from Dangerspouse, who has had "stuff" but is OK and so is New Wifey, which is a relief as I was worried; chocolate biscuits;  Elder Daughter being awake and up, which she didn't manage yesterday; the new Dr Who being fab

I did a beachclean with a lovely woman who lives round the corner - I know, bet you weren't expecting that - someone nice in this shithole - but I knew her before so it's not like I suddenly started winning over the locals. I really like her; she's one of those people I want to tell everything and for her to tell me everything - afterwards I kept thinking of things I forgot to ask about so I hope we see more of each other now we've broken the not meeting up barrier. I shall go and call for her, knock on the door and ask if she wants to come out to play.

There was fuck all litter though - I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed as that was the purpose of the trip to the beach, but disappointment at a clean beach is just wrong - I did know that even at the time.

Then to sewing group where I'm on my second dress of the course:332BC67B-C996-4E54-B3C3-2ACC90EC210E which is better than it looks here - needs taking up for a start. Note the one shoe - I have to be barefoot on the pedal of the sewing machine, no idea why as I go miles too fast anyway. I do look knackered though. Probably cos I am.

This is at the nearer recovery centre, CH, the crap one with the really good art teacher, who also does the sewing group. Where I did my first writing workshop last week (as teacher) and was told they'd be weekly from now on. But today there was no poster or info about it - as I said, crap. I jotted down the details and gave them to the manager who turned it into a poster at once, but the group is on Thursday morning so not much notice.

Meanwhile the other place, PP, where I do a fortnightly group on Wednesdays, sent round a flyer for events on World Mental Health Day, including my fucking workshop, which no one had spoken to me about. I know, there's no pleasing me - no publicity, too much publicity. I'm going to do a new prompt tomorrow, with things I've found on the beach, like toys, bits of clothing, my Russian kefir bottle, a harmonica - those kinds of things, all worn and sea damaged. I'll say write anything you like about any of them - whose they were, how they were lost, how they were part of someone's life, whatever, make up some stories.

I've been doing a segment where they start with "Today I saw..." which has been great but the CH group meets in the morning so it fell flat as fuck last week.  "Yesterday I saw..." doesn't have the same vibe at all. Anyway, bedtime, so here are more pics I uploaded so am going to share whether you like it or not:

These are my sea glass bits and pieces - I learned new techniques at a workshop - I need to make loads and sell them asap



And these were on the beach tonight. It was like this when I arrived:


and like this when I left:


I love it. Sleep tight dear peeps xxx


12:10 a.m. - 10.10.18


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