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  1. I did the walk, just. Well, some of it. I went down with a streaming cold on Friday evening so was snotty and shivery and well pissed off - I haven't had a cold at least since living here, which is three years, so why did I have to get one on the day of my first ever real physical challenge? Plus, I didn't want to walk for my brother (or for any of the others mentioned - PoolaBoola, Stepfordtart, awittykitty and Reenybeany from my blog life, Sammie, Adele, Kim and Sue from Real Life, all sorely missed, all benefitting from hospices). I wanted to moan about what a smug git my brother is, and to carry on having him to moan about for another twenty years or so, not to be walking in his memory:          IMG_0067  so that just made me cry, a lot. And the final thing that pissed me off was the pace. Jesus, I can walk miles and miles and miles, but it turns out I plod. There was all this hoo-ha and then we were off and bloody hell, it was so fast. I was out of breath in no time and lagging behind the people I was with, but keeping up somehow - oh it was awful, I was so upset and anxious and everyone else had their best party mode going on - I'm the one in the circle looking like a miserable cunt.crowd But. I made it to the half way point:IMG_0065 (Edited) and decided that was enough. For reasons too tedious to describe I failed to get either a lift or a cab so ended up walking another two miles home, uphill. Bah. I could have called Bloke but it was about 2 am by this time and if I was going to be knackered all day Sunday it was best if he got his sleep.

  2. Since then I have been pretty crap. A big crash really, though as usual I'm putting a good face out on my other social media places - I'm not even sure why any more as my grandson is 19 now and knows I'm a bit broken. The good news is I've raised almost £1000 - £800 on the main page, £44 on the accidental and about £100 still promised from people who couldn't get the page to work or did it via the paper sponsor sheet. I know I didn't finish the actual walk I signed up to, but I could have signed up to 7 miles and I did more than that. I am so grateful to everyone who bunged me a bit of dosh - still possible if you go to and type in my name in the search box - Anna Mills - thanks.

  3. Today I did a youth mental health training course for the charity I mentor for - that made me cry as well, secretly, when they talked about the kind of trauma that can lead to mental ill health. I felt so sad for poor little Anna, back in the 1950s, with no one really looking out for her, just thinking she was a bit of a nuisance.

  4. And I ache all over, especially my legs, from the walking too fast. My cold is whizzing past - I went from snotty to coughing in no time at all, but I can't quite keep out of the sea as it's so bleeding hot and that's not a good thing.

  5. And that's all which is not really five things but no one cares about that so it doesn't matter.

I am grateful for: the sea, the sea; people sponsoring me so much - at least it was worth something; a bed; a dog; a roof over my head.

Sleep tight xxx

12:50 a.m. - 03.07.18


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