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OK. It's 23.14 but I'm going to do the washing up before I write any more - just thought I'd start so I'll be more likely to come back...

23.59 - that took longer than I thought, possibly because I thought I'd smoke a little pipe of weed to help me along, and the next thing you know, I realised I couldn't possibly do any more without some Joni Mitchell, which took a while and god knows what it was - Spotify had it as 'The Studio Albums' and I didn't recognise any tracks but they were all Joni, all good - then YD texted in search of her make up bag, last used round here on Saturday... it's a miracle I got the washing up done, but I did, look:53F19CE8-87AA-4078-87B4-CA17ECEECE99

Obviously I didn't dry it all, I'm not completely mental, but look at that clear counter...

Anyway, today started off a bit shit - Shirley chewed through the handle of a bag I've been using to cart art materials around in, which I've had since the 1990s and still had another twenty years in. Then I couldn't find anywhere free to park for Tuesday art, so drove round and round and then couldn't find anywhere to pay to park either. I did in the end and as I pulled into the space a passing woman pointed out that I had a flat tyre. Waaaaahhhh. I had nothing, absolutely bloody nothing to deal with that, so I stomped off to the art room and it was a bit crap there too, apart from S being there, an easy to get along with gay man I'm just getting to know, but J, an irritating woman, was also there and she won't ever stop talking long enough to draw breath so I didn't get a chance to develop my friendship with him. I hate it when people say, "I'm not being funny, but..." because they're always going to say something awful and J did that about three times, always terrible shite she came out with but we're meant to be supporting each other here so I smile, say mmm and write it down later for the amusement of strangers* on the internet.

I'd arranged for Grandson to come round and do some jobs for cash, mainly lifting and moving of heavy objects, totally because he has no money and I like spending time with him, but even though Bloke had changed the wheel on my car, I was still grumpy and couldn't be arsed to do much, so I took GS home, through the rush hour traffic, where we had quite a laugh, telling each other stories from our recent lives and slagging off people who get on our nerves. I took this pic of the two of us the other day, when we were arguing about who was taller, when we were out and didn't have anything to balance on our heads:BBBBB090-E88D-4EE8-B294-14A82EA7C1FD

That's what feels like a smile to me.

I'd got pissed off with being pissed off by then so I took Shirley for a walk, straight from GS and YD's place, through the woods and up onto the hills and just kept going till I felt all right again. This field looked cool - everywhere else was in the shade:AEB3F2FB-EACA-4D21-A66F-BBDA3D2F709B

and then it clouded right over:C9D8D2B2-F946-430C-8CA6-067DED869FC1I still felt warm enough and eventually calmed down and came home and tried not to fight with Bloke - I have things to say but not when I'm knackered.

So it was good to be outdoors, in the fields and woods, with big views. That in the end, was more soothing than art group.

Today I have been grateful for: Bloke changing my wheel (grr, but I am - fuck knows what I'd have had to do otherwise); living near hills; having a teenage grandson who is on my wavelength, though he did go on about how Shirley and I looked alike till I had her hair cut, rude boy; warm weather so you don't need a coat or even a cardie; remembering that I like writing when I'm stoned - I shall do it more often.

*and friends, obvs, but it scanned better with strangers

Night night

12:42 a.m. - 20.06.18


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