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I'm getting on my own nerves right now. Having found a collaborator at last to help me extract a book from this blog, I've hardly been able to read or write a fucking word. Admittedly, last night just as I did get started, the internet died, but still. It's been rubbish. I guess it's making me feel self-conscious, and aware that I write trivial shite, and maybe I do, but I can also see that sometimes it's funny and that I do have a way with words, so who knows, it may be OK and I need to shut up and crack on. So I'll try.

The thing that's bugging me the most though, is that my gums have shrunk to the point that my plate of false teeth is loose enough to almost fall out all the time, so I have to suck at it to keep it in place and it's all just FUCKING AWFUL. Jeeeez, I've taken it out now and put it in a mug of water - apparently you're not to let them dry out or they'll change shape. Wah. I just googled it and wish I hadn't - apparently they will get even looser with age - mine not theirs I think, as my bones atrophy and blah blah stopped reading. I've managed to get an appointment for Monday, which isn't that far away.

I also don't like that Shirley looks like a different dog since she's been clipped. I had to get her cdone as her coat had got long and thick and she was overheating, but honestly she doesn't look like my dog any more and I don't like it. I mean, really don't like it, in a bit of a neurotic way, to be honest. This is before, with added seeds from burrowing in the undergrowth:IMG_7594

and this is now:IMG_7610 (Edited)

Who is she? Where's my little scruff?


And - this is all moaning by the way, soz and all, but it is - it's my birthday on Saturday, 64 (sixty fucking four - how did that happen?), and I invited people round in a moment of temporary confidence and now what's the bloody weather doing? All week the forecast for Saturday has been alternating between sunny and warm or windy, with lashing rain. At the moment it's saying rain, but rain has been predicted the day after tomorrow all week and we haven't had a drop for about ten days and I was going to have a barbecue but should I? No answer to that, till Saturday morning.

I am grateful for: ED coming and doing some cleaning; friend MS coming round; Shirley getting noticeably more obedient after only one class and me remembering quite a bit; art tomorrow; finding this in an old blog post:

And on Sunday, little GS (ED's son and my grandson), is coming to stay for the rest of the holidays which will throw us into a different life. He's 6, full of energy, talks as much as his mother and grandmother put together and is generally a very happy, easy to get along with little boy. He's always come here a lot and has a toy cupboard of stuff we've picked up at boot sales and a shelf full of books so he makes himself at home straight away.

I asked him on the phone the other day if there was anything he wanted to do while he was here and he said, 'Play,' so I asked him if there was anywhere he wanted to go and he said, very patiently, 'Your house, Granny,' so I guess we'll be cool.


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