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  1. I'm having one of those phases where I feel self-conscious about blogging and have to remind myself that it's too late to start getting fucking shy -  my dirty linen has been on display for far too long, that ship has well and truly sailed.

  2. Best news is that Bert is still with us *waves dementedly at Bert*.  I had a sudden flash of horror that she might have gone but she hasn't. Whew. But why won't any of these poxy blog platforms let a reader leave comments without having a blog? Not everyone wants to write.

  3. Shirley started back at Dog School on Saturday morning and did good. Or I did good, as it's down to the humans really. I've been much better at giving her a treat (a tiny piece of sausage or cheese) when I spot her being good and she's being better at coming when called, around the home at least.

  4. I'm really pissed off with the state of 'Wheelchair Services' - the department charged with supplying chairs to those who need them and replacing them as necessary. I have been trying to get ED assessed for god knows how long - I got distracted from it when my brother became so ill, but I've started again with a little notebook to keep track of dates. I started this round on Monday May 21st by speaking to N, the  care home manager who said she would do it and so far WE HAVEN'T MANAGED TO SPEAK TO ANYONE AT ALL! They have been returning phone calls, always on her day off, always picked up by a member of staff who didn't know why they'd been asked to call, never anyone in their office to pick up the phone when she calls. Honestly, ED slides down in her chair when she's out and about on the bumpy pavements, her head doesn't reach the head rest properly and one of the arms keeps falling off (the chair's arms, not hers, don't be silly). She has money in her account that could buy one but no one who sells chairs has a hoist to get her out of the old and into a new one to try, nor do they have vehicles that could bring one round to the home - the system was set up with assessors who know what a person needs and all about the chairs that are available BUT HOW THE FUCK DO WE GET HOLD OF ONE? Man, it is making me MENTAL.

  5. Today was global #2minutebeachclean day, also global #2minutelitterpick or #2minutestreetclean for those unlucky enough not to have a beach. I didn't get myself organised properly - I went to see ED with the dog in tow and although we walked along the prom, I can't just abandon her to go and pick up litter and I'd forgotten to take a bag anyway. Then I went round some open gardens in the afternoon with my pal M, and again forgot a bag, but finally me and Shirley made itlitter to the rec and found all this lot well within the two minute time frame. Within fifty metres of my house. Dirty fuckers. And a spade handle - why would you leave that by the side of the road?

I am grateful for: Bloke cooking dinner most days; seeing my pal M; ED laughing today; Shirley harassing Bob a bit less; the magic of the internet - sometimes I forget what a miracle it is and just moan about having to wait a few seconds for pages to come up. Shocking.

Have a good week, y'all xx

1:07 a.m. - 11.06.18


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